You won't want to be home alone after viewing any one of the following on our list of 10 good scary movies. These films move beyond simple jumps and quick scares to leave viewers haunted (pun intended) long after the final credits roll. This list of ten good scary movies probably isn't good for a date night; instead, it's for seeing just how terrifying on-screen horror can be. Here they are: ten good scary movies to leave you chilled to the bone.

  1. "The Exorcist" - Loosely based on a true story, this tale of a little girl possessed touches on Catholic guilt, faith and the temptations of the devil. Though many talk about Linda Blair's rotating head and projectile vomiting, other moments will stay with the viewer much longer. Any list of ten good scary movies should have "The Exorcist" at the top.

  2. "The Omen" - Damien, child of the devil, born with the mark of the beast, is the central terror of this haunting film. It has been remade; the version on our list of ten good scary movies is the far superior 1976 original.

  3. "Psycho" - Alfred Hitchcock's seminal slasher thriller left viewers in its own era shocked. The fact that it still does so today, half a century later, is a testament to its power.

  4. "Rosemary's Baby" - Possessed children, or children of the devil, seem to be a recurring theme among good scary movies. After all, what's more terrifying than the thought that your own child might be evil incarnate? This late-sixties film captures the paranoia of the era with just that scenario.

  5. "John Carpenter's The Thing" - A remake of a classic horror film with a graphic modern touch, "John Carpenter's The Thing" is filled with grotesque imagery. If the thought of a disembodied head walking around on spider legs does not shake you, then this entry on the list of ten good scary movies is for you.

  6. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - The original "Invasion" captured the paranoia of the Cold War better than any factual film could. Be sure to watch the version with the original ending.

  7. "The Silence of the Lambs" - What could have been another cop-chases-killer-thriller was transformed by Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of already confined serial killer Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter. Ted Levine as the target of the investigation, Buffalo Bill, is no slouch either. The ending will likely make you not want to be at home alone.

  8. "Jacob's Ladder" - A Vietnam vet hallucinates that he is being followed by supernatural creatures. Or is he really hallucinating? This psychological horror film will leave you chilled to the bone, and belongs on any list of ten good scary movies.

  9. "Dawn of the Dead" - George Romero's best zombie movie is scary and fun at the same time. It is likely the most light and entertaining entry on our list of ten good scary movies, but that doesn't mean it won't keep you up at night.

  10. "Alien" - Being trapped in a confined space with a killer is a common horror trope. Taking that into outer space and making the killer a violently phallic alien ups the ante. It is a fitting capper for our list of ten good scary movies.


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