Identifying 10 good mystery movies is no easy task. After all, just what constitutes a mystery? Must there be a dead body in a mystery movie? Below are ten good mystery movies often identified by many men as worthy of acclaim.

  1. "The Departed" - In addition to being filled with many a man’s-man (Wahlberg and Damon, to name a few), the movie also packs an excellent plot. Filled with a enticing romance and ending with a (literal) bang, who will come out alive and how the plot will unravel makes it impossible to pause the movie. "The Departed" undoubtedly is one great mystery movie that more than earns its place on this list.

  2. "Memento" - What better way to create a mystery than to have a main character doesn’t even know what’s going on? The mystery movie starts with the portrayal of an almost disturbing level of memory loss before developing into showing just how possible it is to control another human being. Talk about creepy on all levels; "Memento" is one mystery movie that easily crawls under the watcher’s skin.

  3. "Gosford Park" - Yes, the British setting and accents are somewhat feminine, but the movie itself is one darn good mystery. Personal motivations and familial hatreds rule the atmosphere at the quiet family country home, and become more important when the patriarch is discovered dead. The subtle twist at the end may just have you watching your mother more closely.

  4. "Se7en" - Gross and creepy, "Se7en" escapes being a horror flick by the question of just who feels the need to remind the world of God’s supposed deadly sins. Stealing the last scene of the movie, Pitt displays how even the most intelligent of us cannot escape the plots others create for us. The idea of "Se7en’s" plot alone makes it one of the ten best mystery movies of all time.

  5. "The Prestige" - A true man’s movie of sticking it to your enemy. A disturbingly dark movie, the plot is so well crafted, that you just might find yourself watching the last five minutes of the mystery movie again and again, merely for the sheer shock. "The Prestige" is one of the few mystery movies that combines Victorian finery with pure rage.

  6. "The Usual Suspects" - What list of mystery movies is complete without giving accolades to "The Usual Suspects"? An all-star cast at their best makes the movie impossible to turn away from for even a second. With a slight turn of the foot, the movie demonstrates the true creativity of the human mind.

  7. "The Bourne Ultimatum" - The final film in the "Bourne" trilogy is filled with mini-mysteries within a larger conspiracy. Combining the discovery of who made Jason Bourne with unsurpassable action makes the final film the perfect cap. The last ten seconds of the movie alone make it worthy of the label of a great mystery movie.

  8. "The Changeling" - Yes, it’s got Angelina Jolie; yes, it’s got a creepy little boy; but, it also has an even creepier villain and intense amounts of police corruption. The who, what, where and why of this movie remain convoluted until the very end—and even then you might wish you didn’t know the what. Often overlooked as the mystery movie it is, "The Changeling" just might change the way you look at the times your parents let you stay home alone.

  9. "The Game" - The worst day ever takes a dark turn in this mystery. Michael Douglas fights his way through quagmire after quagmire, struggling to keep himself from being accused of murder and to protect his brother from danger. Although the  movie comes to a calm conclusion, there is no lack of suspense or action in the plot, earning itself the title of a good mystery movie.

  10. "The Mothman Prophesies" - Also part thriller, the mystery of "The Mothman Prophesies" doesn’t end when the film concludes. The movie not a classic who-done-it, but instead one concerning just how deep into the dark the mind can delve.