Every parent needs to own at least 10 good movies for kids. A good movie can spark your child’s imagination and begin a lifelong love of film. As an added bonus, you may even find yourself enjoying the movies on this list right along with your kids.

  1. “WALL-E” A love story at heart, this 2008 kids’ movie tells the story of a waste-management robot who falls in love and embarks on a harrowing journey through space. Even though the movie features little speaking, your kids will find themselves fully immersed in the plot.

  2. “The Wizard Of Oz” This classic 1939 movie is suitable for kids and adults alike. Featuring some of the most memorable characters of all time, this film will capture your kids’ imaginations. The lesson at its core is equally memorable: There’s no place like home.

  3. “Finding Nemo” As the second Pixar Studios entry on the list of ten good movies for kids, this 2003 film deftly attacks tender subjects with honesty and humor. It’s the tale of a clownfish who is out to find his lost son Nemo. Packed with comical scenes to counterbalance the many tense moments, this movie is all-around good fun.

  4. “The Lion King” 1994 saw the release of this Disney masterpiece, a sprawling tale of animal life in Africa. The story centers on a young lion prince named Simba, who is coming to terms with his destiny. The hand-drawn animation gives this movie a tactile feel, much different from the often cold product of computer graphics. 

  5. “Toy Story” As the first movie to be made entirely by computer, this groundbreaking 1995 Pixar film is one of the most influential of all time. The plot features a group of sentient toys and their many adventures around the neighborhood. It’s a good movie for kids because it appeals to the imagination, and also contains strong overtones of friendship.

  6. “A Christmas Story” The lone holiday-themed entry on the list of ten good movies for kids, this live-action 1983 comedy film has become a Christmas staple. The story centers on a boy named Ralphie with a vivid imagination. Ralphie longs for a BB gun underneath his Christmas tree, but first he’s got to avoid the local bullies. With spot-on casting and a superb script, your kids are sure to love this one.

  7. “Shrek” Fun for kids as well as adults, this 2001 movie features the voice talents of Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy. It tells the tale of a misunderstood ogre and his wisecracking donkey sidekick. With plenty of humor suited for all age groups, this is a movie you won’t mind watching with your kids.

  8. “E.T.” This 1982 movie is a classic in every sense of the word. Produced and directed by Stephen Spielberg, it’s a heartwarming tale of friendship across galaxies. The story features Elliot, a lonely kid who becomes friends with an alien who is stuck on Earth. On the run from the government, Elliot must keep E.T. hidden or risk losing him. Your kids will love all the action and suspense in this movie.

  9. “Where The Wild Things Are” Director Spike Jonze provides an interesting adaptation of the popular children’s book in this 2009 movie. It’s an inspiring tale of a boy named Max who uses his imagination to sail away to the land of the Wild Things, making friends and causing mischief along the way.

  10. “Fantasia” Way back in 1940, Disney knew the secrets to a memorable movie: good animation and good music. The classic three-act cartoon “Fantasia” had both. Perhaps the best act in the movie was “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” which featured Mickey Mouse in a beautifully crafted marvel of music and animation.