2009 was a good year in film so here's a list of 10 good movies 2009. The good movies 2009 list has something for all ages.

  1. "Avatar" This was a blockbuster in every way, and the Academy Awards it won proved it. Even though it is a thinly-veiled retelling of the clashes between Europeans and Native Americans, it still has a unique spin of its own. This was definitely the best of the good movies 2009 brought us.

  2. "Star Trek" It was fun to see Kirk and Spock as fresh-out-of-space-Academy astronauts just beginning to “boldly go…” you know the rest of the phrase. The good movies 2009 list would not be complete without this one.

  3. "Up" Intended for children, but enjoyed by grown-ups also, this cute movie was just fun to watch. Ed Asner lent just the right amount of irascibility to the old man character.

  4. "The Blind Side" Sports enthusiasts and non sports fans alike could watch this one with the same enjoyment. Based on a true story, the movie proved that love and determination still conquer all.

  5. "Sherlock Holmes" Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law were perfect as Holmes and Watson. Downey’s humor kept this movie from becoming a “same old, same old” remake of the tales of Sherlock Holmes, earning this one a spot on the good movies 2009 list.

  6. "A Christmas Carol (Disney version)" Jim Carrey plays Scrooge and even though we know how it’s going to end, we still enjoy watching every remake of Dickens’s classic story. This one can go on any best movies list, not just the good movies 2009.

  7. "Princess and the Frog" This was a very unusual turn for Disney studios, but surprisingly it worked. The songs were good and the characters were classic Disney.

  8. "The Time Traveler’s Wife" The story of a man who travels through time, but never knows where he will go next, or when he will come back, was more than a love story. It was a look at a man who, no matter what life threw at him, remained true to his wife. One of the better of the 2009 film offerings.

  9. "Fast and Furious" Vin Diesel’s still got it. And, even though this is a smash ‘em up, wreck ‘em, race ‘em tale with a little of a good guys bad guys plot, it’s still exciting enough to be included on the good movies 2009.

  10. "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2-The Squeakel" The girl chippettes singing “If You Like It Then You Should Have Put a Ring On It” made this movie what it was, just like the scene of Alvin bathing in the dishwasher made the first movie. One of the best children’s movies of 2009.