If you want to watch a film that will get you scrambling to download its soundtrack, you’ll want to review these 10 good movie songs. The following tunes have become forever linked to the movies they were in. Rent a few of these classics to listen to some of film’s most iconic songs.

  1. “In Your Eyes”. This romantic ‘80s song by Peter Gabriel was played in the movie “Say Anything.” During the climax of the movie, John Cusack’s character wins back his love by holding a giant boom box blasting out the song. Use this song if you need to melt a girl’s heart.

  2. “Where Is My Mind?”. This great Pixies song was played in “Fight Club” at the end of the film when everything is falling apart around Edward Norton’s character. This song perfectly fits with all that has occurred throughout the movie, including the mind-bending twist at the end.

  3. “Perfect Day”. Lou Reed’s slow but ominous tune was featured in “Trainspotting” during a heroin trip that turns sour fast. The song provides a perfectly fitting frame for the character’s slow descent into near death.

  4. “Mrs. Robinson”.  Simon and Garfunkel’s song from “The Graduate” tells the story of a young man who falls in love with a woman who is his mother’s age. This song perfectly complements a movie about learning life lessons from a cougar.

  5. “Miserlou”. The surf guitar by Dick Dale opens “Pulp Fiction” with a literal bang. The fast-paced riff sets the stage for Quentin Tarantino’s retro cool film.

  6. “The End”. This Doors song opened the Vietnam classic “Apocalypse Now” and immediately set the dark, foreshadowing tone. The movie comes back again full force during the film’s tumultuous, murderous finale.

  7. “Old Time Rock and Roll”. This Bob Seger classic set the mood for Tom Cruise’s living room underwear dance in “Risky Business.” The great ‘80s comedy was made back when Tom Cruise jumping on couches was fun, not crazy.  

  8. “Bohemian Rhapsody”. This Queen song used in “Wayne’s World” is one of the best movie songs. It’s not only hilarious in the movie, but also is a great song to headbang and rock out to in your car with your friends.

  9. “Streets of Philadelphia”. Bruce Springsteen sang the song that fittingly accompanies the movie “Philadelphia,” starring Tom Hanks. The movie captures the feeling of pain and exhaustion living in the city.

  10. “Twist and Shout”. This Beatles’ song got the entire city of Chicago dancing in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” The classic song regained even more popularity because of this movie, making it one of the best movie songs.