With the same movie ideas constantly remade every year, it can get hard to find an original fresh movie, but here are the top ten good movie ideas that do not already have 50 versions, in no particular order:

  1. Same Gender Love Story: The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimated there are close to nine million people in the United States that identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. With so many people who are not in a heterosexual relationship, we think it's time there are more stories that appeal to other types of romantic relationships.

  2. Hanukah movies: Especially at this time of the year, more movies that highlight other religious observances would be a top hit. A cute story that tells the story of the eight nights of Hanukah and the way a family celebrates it, for example, would be refreshing.

  3. Non-Traditional College Student: A movie that follows the life of an adult who goes back to get a degree would show the highs and lows of being in college and not in the eighteen to 22 age range.

  4. Tru Greek Life: A lot of movies about sororities depict them as crazy, slutty, party girls. How about real movie about sororities, including what recruitment is like, their philanthropy projects and alumni weekends.

  5. “The new girl story”: Time after time, we see movies about the pain a girl goes through when she breaks up with her boyfriend. Sometimes being the new girlfriend of a guy who was in a long term relationship can be just as painful. Perhaps a story of what it is like to be with a guy while he (and you) let go of his past.

  6. College ABC: It is a website that is similar to juicy campus. It is designated for college students to trash one another. A movie showing how this website can tear people down, and showing the true horrors of it, would bring a lot of attention to an important issue.

  7. A day in the life of a political campaign: We are bombarded with politics all of the time, but many people have no idea what it takes to get an elected. A documentary style movie that follows a politician on his political campaign would shed a lot of light on the political process.

  8. Black Friday: Black Friday is huge, for both individuals who shop and the companies. A movie that just follows Black Friday from when the store starts setting up through the first twelve hours could make a hilarious comedy-packed film.

  9. A workplace thriller: A lot of thrillers happen in high school settings, prom, college parties and other settings. A thriller that happens in a quiet, boring office place could be a twist that we haven’t seen in a very long time!

  10. First year as a mom: A mother’s first year with her first child is full of special moments, mistakes, horrible days and genuine happiness. This movie would be cute and mostly likely highly watched by mothers of children of all ages!