When you are having a lazy Saturday at home, choose one of these 10 good love movies to watch. These are such good movies that if you have already seen them, you won't mind turning it on again.

  1. "Dirty Dancing" Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze are amazing in this movie. You cannot beat the chemistry between these two when they dance together.

  2. "Sweet Home Alabama" Reese Witherspoon and Patrick Dempsey play the leading roles in this love movie where she ends up realizing maybe she isn't the girls he thought she really was all along.

  3. "Gone With the Wind" The love story of Scarlett and Rhett is one of the best of all time.

  4. "Ghost" Another great Patrick Swayze movie where he shows that love has no limits and you can even love through death. Demi Moore plays his wife who misses him every day. Whoopie Goldberg is a psychic who helps them to reconnect.

  5. "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts is at her best in this movie where she plays a prostitute who finds love with Richard Gere when she least expects it.

  6. "Beauty and the Beast" Even though it is a cartoon it is an amazing love story that shows that looks really don't matter.

  7. "Grease" Olivia Newton John and John Travolta play the characters Sandy and Danny in this movie. They have a love that they both will do anything to make work for them in this good love movie.

  8. "The Wedding Planner" This movie is Jennifer Lopez and Mathew McConaughey. She is helping him to plan his wedding, but is he marrying the wrong one?

  9. "50 First Dates" Adam Sandler movies are hilarious, but this one is a good love movie as well. His love for Drew Barrymore has to be explained to her again every single day, but he does not mind.

  10. "Just Like Heaven" In this good love movie, Reese Witherspoon finds the love of her life, but she appears to be dead. Is she really?