It may seem counter intuitive, but ever guy should know of at least 10 good girl movies. The reason is two fold. First, watching a good girl movie, or chick flick, is simply just a great way to open yourself up to a whole new genre of quality films. Second, and probably more importantly, girls watch these movies, so it a great way to spark interest and conversation with members of the opposite sex. So, the next time you are looking for something good to watch, try one of these films from a list of 10 good girl movies.

  1. “Grease.” This one of the greatest girl movies of all time, and it is simply a must watch for ever guy. There is not a girl under the age of fifty who cannot sing all the words to “Summer Loving.” So, if you want to make a woman swoon, watch this movie and learn the lyrics.

  2. “When Harry Met Sally.” This is not just a good girl movie; it is great cinematic magic. Do not let the words “chick flick” deter you from watching this film. It is a love story that speaks to both sexes.

  3. “Ten Things I Hate About You.” Honestly, the only reason this movie makes the list is because Julia Stiles is hot. Otherwise, it really is nothing to write home about.

  4. “Pretty Woman.” This is another film that got unfairly categorized as a chick flick. This movie is great for both men and woman. It has a young, in her prime, Julia Roberts running around scantily clad; and if that is not enough, the movie has great dialogue and a satisfying story line.

  5. “Thelma and Louise.” This movie features two characters who are running around, breaking laws, and driving convertible cars. Think about it; it seems more like it is a guy movie than a girl movie, making it a must watch.

  6. White Oleander.” Now this is a good girl movie strictly in the sense that woman love this film. Unfortunately, if you are a guy, you probably will barely be able to stomach it. Still, it may come up in conversation, so you probably should check it out.

  7. “Gone With the Wind.” A classic movie that has transcended generation after generation. This good, no great, girl movie is a must for woman, men, babies, and teens.

  8. “Message in A Bottle.” Another very watchable, and very satisfying, girl movie. A word of warning before watching: This tear jerker has broken even the most manly of men.

  9. “The Notebook.” Yet another tearjerker. No guy can see this movie without being moved. So, do not be left out in the cold, check it out.

  10. “My Big Fa Greek Wedding.” This movie was in theatres for two years. So, if you are one of the five people who have not seen it, you are sorely lacking. This good lighthearted romantic comedy is a girl movie that just about every guy has seen.