10 Good DVD Movies

Tuesday, November 30 by Jessica Mousseau

If you're looking to expand your DVD collection with 10 good DVD movies, look no further.

  1. "Star Wars Trilogy" Either Episodes 1, 2, and 3 or 4, 5, and 6 or all of them, for that matter, will be a start to your collection. They will probably always remain one of the 10 good DVD movies offerings.
  2. "Iron Man 2" If you like to watch movies that do not allow smoking by any of the characters or you are trying to get the non-smoking message across to your children, this is one that was chosen by the scenesmoking.org website. It’s also one of the good DVD movies so everyone will enjoy it.
  3. "Avatar" A lot of you will probably insist that this DVD should have been listed first since it definitely belongs in the good DVD movies category. Just remember, these are in no specific order, they’re just here to give you an idea of which ones to choose for your collection.
  4. "The Terminator" The original movie was and still is the best of all of them. No one will ever forget Arnold saying, “I’ll be back.”
  5. "Titanic" In the "good DVD movies that require a box of Kleenex" category, this one definitely fits the bill. The scene where Rose hides her face from her ex-fiancée after being rescued is made even more poignant because the audience knows exactly what she gave up when she “released” both men.
  6. "The Shawshank Redemption" This entry is definitely for adults only, as it deals with prison life. It’s a very powerful movie, however, and exposes prison corruption in a very definitive way.
  7. "Gladiator" The violence in this movie may make you wonder why it was included in the good DVD movies list, but behind the blood and gore is a story of a man who would not let his position in life dictate how he would live or die.
  8. "Finding Nemo" For the children, this is one of the best good DVD movies. Younger and older children alike will enjoy it, especially the part where the seagulls gather around Nemo squawking, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”
  9. "Saving Private Ryan" This entry has a lot of violence but it also has humorous moments such as when the little French girl is fussing at her daddy because he tried to make her go with the soldiers. And, Tom Hanks’ statement, “This kid better invent a better light bulb or something,” pretty much says it all.
  10. "Forrest Gump." Of all the good DVD movies listed, this one has everything. Comedy, drama, action, and romance. As told through the eyes of a mentally special Southern boy, this film is even more poignant.
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