The list of 10 good movie dramas includes some of the best films of all time. Classic films from decades past and more modern flicks are all represented here, as well as are some of the great actors ever to grace the screen. A good drama can make you cry and make you cringe…but you’re almost guaranteed to leave the theater happy.

  1. “Casablanca.” On many list this good movie drama is the top film of all time. A Humphrey Bogart classic, the action takes place over the course of about 24 hours, as Rick holds on to travel papers, allowing escape from the oncoming Nazis. The story hinges on if he’ll give them to his old love and her heroic new husband, or escape with her himself.

  2. “The Godfather.” This is an iconic film, capping the great career of Marlon Brando. Brando plays a Mafioso family head, and the film shows how his family handles evolving relations in the New York crime world. Al Pacino bursts into the movie world as his soon heir unapparent.

  3. “The Departed.” This good movie drama is a gripping film set in Boston’s underworld. Leonardo Dicaprio goes under cover to infiltrate a gang led by Jack Nicholson. The excellent cast also includes two other great young actors—Matt Dillon and Mark Wahlberg—and Martin Sheen. The film won the best picture Oscar.

  4. “The African Queen.” Another Bogart film makes this list, and in this flick he’s teamed up with the amazing Katharine Hepburn. He plays a shady character on whom she must rely to escape down a river deep in the African jungle. Though set mostly on a boat, the film has a great story.

  5. “Gone With the Wind.” This film classic from the 1930’s starred Clark Gable as the dashing, swashbuckling Rhett Butler. The film covers many years, set during the civil year, and includes tragedy, humor and intense moments. Generally considered one of the greatest films ever, adjusted for inflation this good movie drama made more money than any film in history.

  6. “Clockwork Orange.” It’s hard to tell when or where this Stanley Kubrick movie is set. It follows the actions of Alex, who is a murderous thug. After being “cured” in prison through harsh conditioning, the movie asks the question: what exactly is free will and human nature?

  7. “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Another movie on this list based on a great book (“The Godfather,” “Gone With the Wind” and “Clockwork Orange”), Gregory Peck portray Atticus Finch with steady, steely cool. Nominated for best picture, this a good movie drama that’s family friendly.

  8. “Amadeus.” This good movie drama is biopic about the life of Mozart. Played flamboyantly by Tom Hulce, the composer is portrayed with unique insights in this film that won the best picture Oscar. It deals with the conspiracy theory that Mozart was killed by a rival.

  9. “Rocky.” This movie is the classic American underdog story and launched the career of Sylvester Stallone. An everyday guy who gets his shot at fame and greatness, Rocky loses the fight but discovers a lot more.

  10. “American Beauty.” This 1999 movie stars Kevin Spacey as a disaffected middle-class man who gets woken up from the stupor in which he’s lived his life. After changing everything about his life he meets an untimely end. But, he dies happy.