There's no denying that there have been a lot of good Disney movies made over the years, but here are the top 10 good Disney movies. Their movies have brought all of us so much happiness over the years. Who doesn't remember being a little kid and watching a good Disney movie? While many people think of the animated classics when they think about Disney movies, the company also has a vast library of live action movies. There are slapstick comedies, tearjerkers, and everything in between on our list of ten good Disney movies.

  1. "The Little Mermaid." The story of little mermaid Ariel and just how much she was willing to sacrifice for the man she loved is a favorite for young and old. But it's not just the story that makes this a good Disney movie. This has some of the best musical numbers of any of Disney's animated classics. It's considered the first film of the "Disney Renaissance," and was loved by critics and fans alike.

  2. "Aladdin." Another great animated Disney movie, this time with a male protagonist. Aladdin lives the life of a "street rat" until he meets the lovely Princess Jasmine. When he chances upon a magic lamp complete with genie, he uses the genie's magic powers to help him get the girl. Robin Williams out did himself as the Genie of the lamp.

  3. "Toy Story."  Toy cowboy Woody (played by Tom Hanks) has been Andy's favorite for years. But his life is turned upside down when Andy gets a new Buzz Lightyear toy (voiced by Tim Allen). The two rivals end up working together to fight the evil Sid from next door, and learn that cowboys and spacemen can get along.

  4. "Song of the South." This movie, based upon the Uncle Remus character and stories, features one of the best known Disney songs ever, Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. The Disney company has yet to release this movie on video because of what is considered some racist content.

  5. "Fantasia." This is an amazing movie, that pairs classic animation with classical music. The movie consists of a series of vignettes, each based on a particular piece of music.

  6. "Remember the Titans." This is a good Disney movie, based on the real life story of Herman Boone, a football coach who had unite the members of his team at TC William High School despite racial tension among the team members.

  7. "Old Yeller." Perhaps the saddest of all Disney movies, this classic follows the story of Tommy Coates and how a dog he calls "Yeller" managed to find a way into his heart. While at first, Tommy has nothing but distain for the dog, he soon finds that a good dog is a fine thing to have on a farm. Everything changes after Yeller saves Tommy's life.

  8. "The Lion King." Unlike most Disney movies, where the main character is motherless, in this Disney movie the main character loses his father. Simba expected to be king one day, but instead fears he'll be blamed for his father's death and exiles himself from the tribe. When he runs into his childhood friend Nala and learns how bad things are with new king Scar, Simba realizes he must go back and assume his rightful place for the sake of the tribe.

  9. "Cool Runnings." Another good Disney movie based upon a true story, "Cool Runnings" follows the story of unlikely heroes, the Jamaican bobsled team in the 1988 winter Olympics.

  10. "The Incredibles." This Disney/Pixar film is a fun movie that tells the tale of the Parr family. The Parrs are hiding a secret; it seems that Bob Parr and his wife Helen are superheroes who were forced into retirement. Their kids Violet and Dash were born with superpowers, too. When Bob gets into a spot of trouble, the family has to pull together to save him.