A good date movie is likely a romantic comedy aimed at the lady in the equation, but this list of ten good date movies contains romantic comedies he can enjoy along with her. A good date movie is supposed to get both parties feeling romantic, right? The films on this list range from longtime classics to new standbys. Here they are ten good date movies that she'll love and you'll enjoy as well.

  1. "Love Actually" - A series of interconnected stories set in London during the holiday season, "Love Actually" seems like a chick flick in total until some of the funnier vignettes, including one involving a couple of sound techs for a porn film. The nature of the film is perfect. if you don't like one story, another will begin soon, making it essential for this list. It's almost like ten good date movies in one.

  2. "When Harry Met Sally" - The biggest romantic comedy of the 1980s is next on this list of ten good date movies. If Billy Crystal can land Meg Ryan, guys must remain hopeful.

  3. "Bringing Up Baby" - The original classic screwball comedy does banter like no other. It's a romantic comedy for film nerds and an easy inclusion on any list of good date movies.

  4. "Annie Hall" - Woody Allen's best film is incredibly funny, touching, sad and hopeful. Though it's really a story of love lost, it still qualifies for our list of good date movies.

  5. "High Fidelity" - The romantic comedy for music-loving guys, "High Fidelity" is great because she'll enjoy John Cusack, and you'll enjoy the soundtrack. It also has a sex scene played for humor that will have both guy and girl laughing hysterically.

  6. "Dirty Dancing" - Every girl loves "Dirty Dancing." It's cheesy enough that guys should too, landing it on this list of ten good date movies.

  7. "Say Anything" - Another John Cusack film with good music, this one directed by Cameron Crowe, "Say Anything" is the story of the lovable loser landing the overachiever. Lloyd Dobler is a classic date movie character.

  8. "The Apartment" - Billy Wilder's dark comedy is a date movie with an edge. It changed romantic comedies forever, showing they could say something about the depths of the human condition while still being romantic and funny.

  9. "About a Boy" - Hugh Grant is best when playing a character who's kind of a bad seed. Watching him redeemed in this film, by a boy who helps him grow up a little bit, is the highlight; the romance is secondary.

  10. "Bull Durham" - This is the ultimate romantic comedy for guys. It contains baseball, a ton of swearing, and a hot Susan Sarandon. She'll like it too, making it a perfect final entry on this list of ten good date movies.

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