Any time of the year is a great time of year for these 10 good Christmas movies. Wondering what the good Christmas movies are? Well, below is a compiled list of ten good Christmas movies to watch anytime your heart desires.

  1. “A Christmas Story.” “A Christmas Story,” starring Peter Billingsley, is a good Christmas movie for the whole family. Set in the 1940’s, it is Ralphie Parker’s one Christmas wish to have a Red Rider BB gun. Throughout the movie, Ralphie tries to hint to his mother, his teacher, and even Santa about the BB gun, only to hear “You’ll shoot your eye out.” Ralphie also spends most of the movie running from the neighborhood bully.

  2. “A Christmas Carol.”  The movie “A Christmas Carol” has many different versions available and any of them would be a good Christmas movie to watch over the holidays. The story shows what happens when Ebenezer Scrooge, a grumpy old man with no Christmas spirit, is visited by three ghosts. The ghosts of Christmas past, present and future appear to him, and afterward he awakens a changed man, one who finally foun the spirit of Christmas.

  3. “It’s A Wonderful Life.” “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a classic Christmas movie. In this movie, George Bailey has led a selfless life. However, he finds himself in a financial crisis when he comes up 8,000 dollars short at the bank he runs. Depressed and considering himself a failure, he pronounces that he wished he had never been born, and an angel named Clarence is sent down to help him see wha the town would have been like had he really never been born.

  4. “Elf.” “Elf,” starring Will Ferrell, is a good family Christmas movie. Hilarious as always, Will Ferrell plays Buddy, the elf. Buddy is a regular sized man who as a baby crawled into Santa’s sack at the orphanage. The Elves raised him, therefore he thinks he is an elf. When he finds out he is a grown human man, he takes off to New York City to find his real dad.

  5. “Home Alone.” “Home Alone,” starring Macaulay Culkin, is the story of a boy named Kevin, who is accidentally left behind while his large family is getting ready to leave for the airport. Kevin realizes he is left home alone and finds himself having to protect his home from two insistent burglars. A good Christmas movie for all ages!

  6. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is one of the funniest Christmas movies out there. Starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, the Griswold’s are preparing for another Christmas with the family. As they prepare, they are faced with tons of mishaps and accidents like electrocuting the cat.

  7. “The Santa Clause.” “The Santa Clause,” starring Tim Allen, is a good family Christmas movie. Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, a man with no Christmas spirit. Scott falls off the roof Christmas Eve when he is frightened by Santa, who also falls off the roof. He then finds a note on the unconscious Santa that says he should put the coat on, so he does and he becomes Santa. But, along with being Santa, comes a lot of responsibility.

  8. “Christmas with the Kranks.” “Christmas with the Kranks” stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. The Kranks decide to skip Christmas because their daughter is not coming home to be with the family. The Kranks endure the gossip and harassment of the neighborhood, that is, until their daughter says she is coming home after all and then it’s a race to prepare the house for Christmas.

  9. “Surviving Christmas.” “Surviving Christmas” stars Ben Affleck as Drew Latham. Drew suddenly discovers himself totally alone over Christmas and decides to go back to his childhood home where he rents the family living in it to be his family for Christmas.

  10. “Scrooged.” “Scrooged” is a good Christmas movie starring Bill Murray. “Scrooged" is basically a modern version of “A Christmas Carol.” Though a bit on the darker side, this comedy is still a good Christmas movie.