There are many great animated films and this list of 10 good animated movies is only the tip of the iceberg, but should be a good start for those looking to get into animation. The films on this list of animated movies run the gamut from Pixar computer animation to classic Disney hand drawn films for kids and adults. Here is our list of ten good animated movies.

  1. "The Incredibles" This Pixar film about a superhero family coming out of retirement is fun for both kids and adults, making it an easy first choice for our list of good animated movies. The voice work from stars Craig T. Nelson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Holly Hunter is superb, as is the world created by the CGI animators and director Brad Bird.

  2. "Akira" The most well-known Japanese anime for adults, "Akira" is a sci-fi action film with a mystical side. It shows just how far hand drawn animation can go and that cartoons aren't just for kids.

  3. "Beauty and the Beast" Disney had a run of classic films in the '90s and the story of Belle discovering a prince within the Beast is one of them. Humorous side characters like Lumiere the talking candlestick surround a nice romance in a Disney film any little girl will love.

  4. "Aladdin" Another film from Disney's classic '90s run, "Aladdin" mixes adventure and humor (from Robin Williams as the Genie and Gilbert Gottfried as Lago). It belongs on any list of good animated movies.

  5. "Fantasia" A series of short films drawn by Disney animators and set to classical pieces, "Fantasia" has something for everyone. It's like ten good animated movies in one.

  6. "Ninja Scroll" Another Japanese action story for adults, "Ninja Scroll" is a fast-moving adventure story filled with violence and amazing animation. This is one animated movie you definitely do not want to show your kids.

  7. "Up" The second Pixar entry on the list is a moving story of loss and fun all in one. It's a cartoon that makes you truly feel for the characters, making it an easy choice for inclusion on our list of good animated movies.

  8. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" The first classic Disney princess story retells this well-known fairy tale with humor and grace. It's Disney's first animaled movie and still among the best Disney has to offer.

  9. "Waking Life" Using rotoscoping techniques to turn live actors into moving, impressionistic paintings, "Waking Life" is an experimental masterpiece and one of the most unique films on our list of good animated movies. Though the title is "Waking Life," it's more like watching a dream.

  10. "Robin Hood" A lesser Disney effort, "Robin Hood," with the classic story replayed by foxes and other animals of the forest, is nonetheless fun and great for kids. It is the final entry on our list of good animated movies.