If you need a good, hearty chuckle, check out these 10 funny movie quotes. Be sure and watch the movies they're from, too. They're sure to tickle your funny bone.

  1. “Are you saying that I put an abnormal brain into a seven-and-a-half-foot long, fifty-four-inch wide GORILLA?” Dr. Frederick Frankenstein's responds when Igor tells him that he picked a brain labeled “Abby Normal” – in other words, abnormal – for Dr. Frankenstein's creature. “Young Frankenstein” is filled with similarly funny movie quotes.

  2. “Love is too weak a word for what I feel - I luuurve you, you know, I loave you, I luff you, two F's.” Alvy Singer, played by Woody Allen, says these words to “Annie Hall.” At the top of the list of funny movie quotes, it describes comically how difficult it is to describe the rapture of falling in love.

  3. “I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.” A French soldier taunts Arthur and his Knights when, in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” they come to a French castle in search of the Grail. This movie is chock-full of funny movie quotes.

  4. “Them syreens did this to Pete. They loved him up and turned him into a horny toad.” Delmar O'Donnell bemoans his friend's apparent fate after the three traveling companions are seduced by sensuous “sirens.” “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” offers not only funny movie quotes but also a delightful soundtrack.

  5. “I want the people to know that they still have two out of three branches of the government working for them, and that ain’t bad.” President Dale in “Mars Attacks” offers this platitude to the American people after the Martians zap all the members of Congress. Jack Nicholson plays the dense Dale to perfection.

  6. “Nobody will ever notice that. Film making is not about the tiny details. It's about the big picture.” Ed Wood, played brilliantly by Johnny Depp in the movie “Ed Wood,” responds to criticism that the graveyard on the movie set was “obviously phony.” Ed Wood made movies that were so bad they were fun to watch.

  7. “Well, I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it.” Elwood P. Dowd makes this statement, one of the many funny movie quotes in “Harvey.” Elwood doesn't go anywhere without his best friend, an invisible, six-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey.

  8. “He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.” So says Brian's mother in Monty Python's “Life of Brian,” a sweetly satirical film. Brian grows up alongside Jesus. A fanatical group insists Brian is the Messiah, and he can't convince them otherwise. If you're looking for a film brimming with funny movie quotes, here's one.

  9. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” In “The Princess Bride,” Inigo Montoya is a fencer who's out for revenge against the man who killed his father. He often mistakes others for that man, and his greeting becomes a running joke. “The Princess Bride” is a one-of-a-kind love story studded with funny movie quotes.

  10. “Blinkin! Fix your boobs; you look like a bleedin' Picasso!” Will Scarlet admonishes Blinkin, Robin Hood's family servant. “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” is a parody of “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.” You can't go wrong with a comedy directed by Mel Brooks.