Here are 10 famous Native American actors. Not only are they striking with bold facial features and awesome acting talent, their names are recognized from here Around the world.  There is never a doubt in anyone's mind or heart when you hear their names mentioned.  for the shear love of their works, these individuals strike a cord when they enter a door.  Not only do their names demand applause, they guarantee it.  

  1. Burt Reynolds.  From "GunSmoke" to "Gator", Burt Reynolds is one of Americas most intriguingly popular Native American actors ever to hit the screens.  His Cherokee ancestry was granted from his father Burton Reynolds.  

  2. Adam Beach.  Known for his role on shows such as "Walker, Texas Ranger" and Chester Lake on the popular "Law and Order Special victims Unit" series,  Adam Beach grew up on the First Nations Indian Reservation at lake Manitoba.  Sadly, when Adam was eight years old, his mother was killed by a drunk driver.   

  3. Benjamin Bratt is the son of a Peruvian Indigenous of the Quechua ethnic group.  He is another famous native American Actor who got his rise as a star in the popular Law and Order series.  He played the character of Ray Curtis along side Jerry Orbach for years.  He also played alongside Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.

  4. Tyler Christopher is of Choctaw heritage acquired through his mother, Jimi-Ann and Seneca heritage from his father, Jim Baker.  He played the role of Nicolas Cassadine on "General Hospital" from July 1996 - 1999 and again from April 21, 2003 - present.  

  5. Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse.  With a true Native American traditional name, Nathan Lee is an actor of Sioux descent from the Rosebud Nation.  He is the son of Chief Joseph Chasing Horse and Winifred chasing Horse.  He played one of the major roles in "Dances with Wolves" starring Kevin Costner.

  6. Clint Walker.  One of the most popular Native American Actors of our time who is one quarter Cherokee is best known for his role in the hit Western "Cheyenne." Clint Walker played the series name sake "Cheyenne Bodie". Cheyenne ran from 1955 until 1963 with one hundred and eight episodes. The show is still in syndication today.

  7. John Elroy Sanford (AKA Redd Foxx) was raised by his mother who was half American/half Seminole.  He was an American success story.  Redd Foxx broke the mold as being one of the first comedians to use the 'n' word on the airways with no repercussions.  His show "Sanford and Son" is in syndication today.  

  8. Graham Greene was born on the Six Nations Reservation in Ontario and is the son of Lillian and John Greene.  In 1999 he starred in "The Green Mile" as one of the first prisoners to meet his fate in the "Green Mile's" chamber of death.  

  9. Joseph Runningfox played the role of legendary Geronimo in the film by the same name which was made for TV in 1993.  He was born in Pueblo.  He is very private about his native heritage and would rather keep his personal life "personal."  Fans can see him on his MySpace account.

  10. Nickolas G Ramus is one of those famous Native American Actors you hate to mention because of his great talent and our great loss. Yet, he is worthy of mention.  Nickolas died on May 30, 2007.  He played great roles in movies such as "Centennial", "Geronimo", "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman", "MacGuyver", "Gunsmoke", "Walker, Texas Ranger" and many many more.  He was a Blackfoot.