Some of the top 10 famous cars in movies are more memorable than the leading actors themselves. This list reviews some of the most talked about, popular and iconic cars in movie history.

  1. DeLorean DMC-12, "Back To The Future" (1985) The DMC-12's prominence as an iconic cult car is with excellent reason. The DMC-12 is the only car ever produced by the DeLorean company, so it can truly be called "The DeLorean." Though the DeLorean in "Back To The Future" is modified, the original still sports gull-wing doors and a fiberglass underbody, and it travels back in time.

  2. Ford Deluxe, "Grease" (1978) Every element of "Grease" is iconic: the music, style, accents and cars. The customized 1948 Ford Deluxe is worth racing for and Danny Zuko (John Travolta) behind the wheel is undeniably a heart throb, hotrod combination.

  3. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986) This might also be considered the "Car Most Likely To Have Broken Your Heart." Bueller fans will painstakingly remember watching the Ferrari's slow dive through plate glass and into the trees. Such a fate should never befall so breathtaking a vehicle, but it did and that's why it's on the list.

  4. Herbie, "The Love Bug" (1968) This Volkswagen Beetle, a bit more human than car, has crept up several times since it made its debut in "The Love Bug." This talking car, which could als drive itself, helped initiate the huge trend of anthropomorphic vehicles (i.e. Michael from Knightrider). The classic red and blue racing stripes with "53" logos on every panel make Herbie an indistinguishable icon.

  5. 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, "Dazed and Confused" (1993) This beauty is a muscle car lover's muscle car. Turbo Jet 390 horsepower, Edelbrock intake and a pop-up piston make this baby fly, the ultimate getaway vehicle.

  6. The Batmobile This car is a fantasy, which is probably what makes it so cool. The Batmobile seen in movies and TV has evolved, climaxing with Tim Burton version in "Batman" (1989) and "Batman Returns" (1992). This Batmobile is modeled after the Chevy Impala and packing a myriad of crim fighting features including gas turbines, browning machine guns and grappling hooks to name a few. All features on Burton's Batmobile were said to be fully functional. This makes the Batmobile number six on the top ten cars in movies list and every crime fighter's (or crime causer's) dream machine.

  7. BMW Z3, "GoldenEye" (1995) The first non-American car on this list. "GoldenEye" was the first movie in a three-part movie deal made with BMW. It makes the top ten because of its powerful product placement in "GoldenEye." The limited edition "007" model sold out within a day.

  8. Ecto 1, "Ghostbusters" (1984).The Ecto 1 or Ectomobile is a staple of "Ghostbusters" fiction and memorabilia. The Ecto-1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo style end-loader that converts into an ambulance. No wonder it is so cool and has withstood the test of time as an iconic movie car.

  9. Bluesmobile, "The Blues brothers" (1980) The Bluesmobile is a 1970 Dodge Monaco police car. Who doesn't want to ride around in a police car? Especially one as reliable as the old Bluesmobile turned out to be, safety delivering the brothers from Chicago State Police and Illinois Nazis.

  10. Eleanor, "Gone In 60 Seconds" (2000) Eleanor was the code name for the 1967 Shelby Mustang GE 500, the prize car that Nicholas Cage sought throughout the movie. Eleanor lovers can only get their fix only by watching "Gone In 60 Seconds" or getting very lucky at a car auction.