These 10 cult movie classics may not have mass appeal, but each has acquired a rabid, devoted fan base that is, in its own way, better than the acceptance from the world at large. Many people go see the latest summer blockbuster, but few will say that said blockbuster is their "favorite movie." Not so with these cult movie classics. These cult movie classics are the favorite films of very small groups of people, but the revival theater will surely be packed for a midnight showing.

  1. "Eraserhead" - David Lynch's filmography is littered with cult movie classics, but this story of a man and his horrifyingly disfigured baby is the best of them all. It is a dark and troubling film, but one with a very loyal cult of fans.

  2. "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" - Russ Meyer's T&A-filled story of a girl rock band trying to make it in hedonistic Hollywood is a satire of counterculture excess and a celebration of film nudity excess. It was scripted by future critical giant Roger Ebert; who knew he'd one day find himself on a list of cult movie classics instead of writing one?

  3. "Repo Man" - Is this a film about punk rock, a surreal sci-fi film, or an absurd comedy? It's all of the above, making it an instant cult movie classic.

  4. "The Toxic Avenger" - This film from Troma Studios, about a weakling who becomes horribly disfigured by toxic waste that also gives him superhuman strength, is a schlocky joyride. It also has a strong pro-green message, in between the bloody, gory deaths and gratuitous sex scenes.

  5. "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" - The first in a planned franchise that never panned out, this strange sci-fi adventure has a loyal cult of fans. While some have no idea what's going on in the film, others just don't care because it's that much fun.

  6. "Slap Shot" - A foul-mouthed comedy about the violent sport of hockey, "Slap Shot" was headlined be Paul Newman, but the real stars were the thuggish Hanso Brothers, pugilistic hockey icons to all fans of the sport and of this cult movie classic. If you've heard the saying, "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out," you know what "Slap Shot" is all about.

  7. "Showgirls" - This story of strippers hitting the big time in Vegas was meant to be serious, but has since become a campy entry in the long list of cult movie classics. Terrible dialogue, horrible acting, and lots of nudity make this one a cult favorite.

  8. "Heathers" - This dark comedy was too dark to be a huge success, but many identify with it. Its quotable dialogue helped to make it a cult movie classic.

  9. "The Decline of Western Civilization" - This documentary of the Los Angeles punk scene is filled with memorable moments. The fact that it is not legally available on DVD has not stopped it from remaining a favorite of those who love cult movie classics.

  10. "Barbarella" - This sexy sci-fi romp is a campy good time, perfect to close out our list of cult movie classics. The opening scene featuring Jane Fonda has ushered boys of many a generation through puberty.

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