Talk about ulterior motives, here are 10 cool movies to watch with a date. Players have known this juicy bit of information for a long time. Choosing a cool movie to watch with a date can get you very far with the young lady. Now, don't  mistake the terms "cool movie" with a cool movie that you'd choose to watch for yourself. Oh no. A cool movie to watch with a date does not necessarily translate into something that you'd want to see. A cool date movie does however, translate into opportunity. Opportunity to get closer to her. Check out these ten cool date movies.

  1. "Avatar" (2009). Yeah it has guns, and it has explosions. But, at the root of it all, this date flick is a love story. She'll pick up on that right away. Now that you know it's a love story, be prepared to discuss the relationship between the two huge cat like creatures in the film. Oh, and enjoy the guns and explosions.

  2. "The Notebook" (2004). There's no question that this film is a love story. She'll think it's a cool movie to watch. You on the other hand, may or may not care for it. But, at least the dialogue is good, Rachel McAdams is hot, and you'll get a ton of points for sitting through it.

  3. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (2005). Yet another love story cloaked in explosions and a boat load of action. You'll like it because Angelina Jolie looks amazing. Oh, and she kicks much booty. She'll like it because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have an undeniable chemistry on screen. This cool movie is a win-win for the both of you.

  4. "Hitch" (2005). What woman doesn't love Will Smith? Exactly. She'll think this movie is very cool. And you, you just may learn something. There are a lot of fundamental half-truths in this film that could actually help improve your approach with women. In the least, the film will generate discussion about the sexes, which is always a good thing.

  5. "He's Just Not That In To You" (2009).  Schools in. This date flick will show you what women think about men. It'll also hip you to a lot of the cat and mouse game that goes on between the sexes. Oh, and it'll generate discussion as well.

  6. "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" (2010). It's a boy meets girl flick surgically blended with the essence of video games. Sounds cool right? Well it is. All you computer nerds will love it. She'll like the chase.

  7. "Halloween II" (1981). This movie sucks. It really does. But, boring movies open the opportunity for the two of you to engage in other activities. Hint, hint. For those of you that don't get the hint, you shouldn't be dating.

  8. "Army of Darkness" (1992). Please see example number seven. Corny movies open up the opportunity for you to get closer to her. Chances are, you won't even finish the flick. If you're lucky. There is enough senseless violence to entertain you if you bomb however.

  9. "Purple Rain" (1984). As far as acting is concerned, the movie sucks. The soundtrack rocks, as well as the performances. You two can laugh at the acting and rock out to the music. As always, less than excellent feature films can give you the chance to make your own.

  10. "Up" (2009). This 3D animated flick is just an enjoyable movie. The two of you can get nice and comfortable on the couch and become totally drawn into the tale. Oh, and the ending may sadden her a little bit. Score! You can console her.