The 10 cool movies 2008 include award winning movies and comic book adaptations. The movies star some of the best actors in the business and are directed by award winning directors. The movies marks 2008 as one of the coolest years for movies in recent memory.

  1. “The Dark Knight”– Christopher Nolan restarted the “Batman” franchise with “Batman Begins” but made one of the best cool movies of 2008. The movie showcased a career defining moment for the late Heath Ledger, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

  2. “Pineapple Express”Seth Rogan and James Franco star in this cool movie from 2008. Franco is a drug dealer and Rogan his client who witnesses a murder and ends up on the run from the mob. Gary Cole, the boss from “Office Space” stars as the mob boss who puts the hit out.

  3. “Iron Man”Robert Downey Jr. changed what people expect from superhero movies in “Iron Man,” one of the cool movies of 2008. The movie also began the new Marvel line of movies leading to the tent-pole team movie, “The Avengers.”

  4. “Quantum of Solace”– The second Daniel Craig James Bond movie is one of the cool movies of 2008. The movie also stars Olga Kurylenko as a very hot Bond girl and includes a cameo by Gemma Arterton, who went on to star in “Prince of Persia” in 2010.

  5. “Incredible Hulk”– Marvel rebooted the “Hulk” franchise in one of the cool movies of 2008. Edward Norton took over the role of Bruce Banner, last played by Eric Bana, as this “Hulk” movie pumped up the action in one of the most exciting movies of the year.

  6. “Rambo”– Sylvester Stallone brought back his iconic character, John Rambo, in one of the cool movies of 2008. Stallone presented a older Rambo but jacked up the blood, gore and action with this reintroduction to the great character. The movie was a return to form for Stallone and the best since the original “First Blood.”

  7. “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”– One of the cool movies of 2008 presented Michael Cera and Kat Dennings as two youngsters who meet and search out their favorite band, who is rumored to be playing a secret concert. The movie also offers a quality indie soundtrack, put together on Nick’s personal playlist.

  8. “Death Race”Jason Statham stars in this remake of the cult classic “Death Race,” one of the cool movies of 2008. The movie is shot with flair, almost like a videogame, with cut scenes introducing the drivers and kill levels when someone dies. Joan Allen and Tyrese Gibson also star.

  9. “Street Kings”– Keanu Reeves stars as a crooked cop in this, one of the cool movies of 2008. The movie tells the story of a group of police officers who will do anything, legal or not, to get what they need. The script was written by mystery novelist James Ellroy.

  10. “Eagle Eye”Shia LaBeouf reteams with his “Disturbia” director D.J. Caruso in this cool movie from 2008. LaBeouf is a normal, average guy who is framed as a terrorist. He receives a phone call from a mysterious woman who threatens his family if he does not follow her exact orders.