What are 10 cool movies scenes? What makes a movie scene cool? Great actors, great lines, great timing, and of course personal preference. Hopefully this article will include a few of each type so that it appeals to the majority of movie watchers.

  1. Flag speech "Patton" . The opening scene in Patton is easily one of the coolest and most memorable scenes in movies. Visually striking and powerful it  will not be forgotten once seen.

  2. De Camp Town Races "Blazing Saddles" - Nobody does comedy like Mel Brookes did comedy. Outrageous, but he makes you laugh while poking fun at things that are absurd to begin with. This one was one of his best, and so well done you laughed until your sides hurt. This one is so cool, it has frost on it Mel would say. 

  3.  Bathtub Rose Petal scene "American Beauty" -  A visually striking scene of bright red, against which the nubile pale nude young woman is laying. Sexually alluring, sensually stimulating, yet at the same time taboo. A very cool and memorable scene in a very interesting movie.

  4. Martin Sheen coming up out of the water for assignation in "Apocalypse Now" - Strong, deadly, silent, and very, very cool, Martin Sheen is the epitome of the human viper coming up from the depths searching for its prey. Who will forget those white eyes against the black grease paint and torchlight reflection off the water, very cool visually.

  5. The test of the Delorean time machine in "Back to the Future" - The flaming tire marks, the cool car, and the absurdness of building a time machine from a rare car, and using the family dog as a test pilot,  all add up to one cool scene.

  6. The snow saucer and cooking spray scene in "Christmas Vacation" - Funny never had it so good as in the first couple of Vacation movies with Chevy Chase. Funny, absurd and great slapstick all added up to fun. And one of the coolest scenes was the spraying of the "experimental" cooking spray on the metal snow saucer. Who from snow country have not done something similar, and wished for a saucer that flew so fast it actually flamed and wore the bottom out. Great fun, great laughs in one cool scene and movie.

  7. The giant piano dance scene "Big" - Who does not wish they could do something like that. Either had the talent to play the piano by dancing on a giant keyboard, or simply having the childlike whimsy to actually attempt it in public. Cool concept, and fun to watch, this one everyone all pretended was them.

  8. Marvin Gaye dance scene in the "Big Chill" - This one is for all of the baby boomers dancing to the memories of their youth to the music they loved. Who could sit still in such a situation. Cool memories, cool songs, a cool time period, back when they were still cool.

  9. Dentist scene "Marathon Man" - Cool and creepy is how to describe this scene. Who that has seen it has not squirmed the next time they went to the dentist. Seeing holes drilled in Dustin Hoffman's teeth and a creepy madman asking "Is it Safe?" Creepy and cool.

  10.  Giant evil Stay Puft Marshmallow Man "Ghostbusters" - A giant marshmallow man in a blue sailor cap wrecking havoc. Cool and fun.

There are 10 cool movie scenes. Are they the top 10? Who knows, but they are all cool. Hopefully there is something on the list which will appeal to you, or perhaps get you to watch a great movie.