Whether it is through action figures, Halloween costumes or cult fandom, these 10 cool movie characters remain icons long after their films are forgotten. These are characters that men wish they could be and women wish they could have.

  1. Vincent Vega. John Travolta plays hit man Vincent Vega, one of the best cool movie characters, in the Quentin Tarantino directed “Pulp Fiction.” Vega is a stone cold killer but also takes time out in the movie to enter a dance contest with his mob boss’ wife, Mia Wallace.

  2. James Bond. James Bond is easily one of the greatest cool movie characters in cinema history. Many men have played the secret agent, all with a different type of cool. Sean Connery was the original, a cool sexy killer. Roger Moore added comedy, Timothy Dalton a suave debonair, Pierce Brosnan a more mature sexy and Daniel Craig a rough, dangerous cool.

  3. Han Solo. While Luke Skywalker was the hero of the original “Star Wars” trilogy, it was Han Solo that was the cool movie character that all the kid’s wanted to be. Han Solo was a smuggler, a gambler and had the cocky, devil-may-care attitude that made him the perfect anti-hero.

  4. Tyler Durden. Ed Norton is the narrator of “Fight Club,” but he is a boring, drab character. However, when he meets Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, the movie picks up steam. Durden is an anarchist and one of the best cool movie characters of the last ten years.

  5. Chev Chelios. Jason Statham plays Chev Chelios, a hit man who is given a drug that will kill him of his heart drops below a certain speed in “Crank.” Chelios is a cool movie character who will do anything to stay alive long enough to kill the men who killed him, even having sex with his girl in front of a bus of Asian school girls.

  6. Shaft. Richard Roundtree played Shaft originally and Sam Jackson played him in the updated remake but, either way, this man is a cool movie character. In the blaxploitation films, Shaft is a private eye who helps the people on the streets and always gets the ladies while putting it to The Man.

  7. Bullitt. Steve McQueen can make any character look cool but his portrayal of Bullitt in the movie of the same name gives the world a truly cool movie character. Bullitt is a San Francisco cop in a movie that gives the cinema world the greatest car chase ever recorded on film.

  8. Tombstone. There have been many depictions of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral but there has never been a depiction of Doc Holiday better than Val Kilmer, one of the cool movie characters in all cinema. While Holiday failed in health by the end, he remained the coolest gunfighter of all time.

  9. Scarface. Tony Montana became an icon to millions of individuals thanks to Al Pacino’s performance in “Scarface.” Montana is an immigrant who worked his way to the top of organized crime before finally falling in a rain of gunfire. Say hello to my little friend.

  10. Riddick. While the second movie in the series was not great, Riddick is one of cinemas cool movie characters thanks to Vin Diesel’s role in “Pitch Black.” In the horror movie, a group of people are stranded on an alien planet that becomes dangerous when the sun goes down.