If you love flower power, peace signs, and the social activism that hippies were all about, you will likely enjoy these 10 cool hippie type movies. There are Hollywood myths regarding what the hippie was, but these movie present a wide variety of hippies and hippie lifestyles. You may just find your favorite film in the list.

  1. "Hair"-The musical that defines what it means to be a hippie to many pop culture junkies is "Hair." With such memorable songs as "Aquarius" and "Good Morning Starshine," this musical celebrates the freedom and optimism of the movement. 

  2. "Harold and Maude"- This masterpiece feature film is not a normal movie. It follows the unique, special and beautiful friendship that develops between suicidal teenager Harold and Maude, an aging hippie with a zest for life that reinvigorates Harold to his core. 

  3. "Woodstock"-A documentary from 1970, "Woodstock" captured the music that lives on with the legend of the hippie music festival. It features Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, and Canned Heat, among many others. 

  4. "Alice's Restaurant"-This movie from Arthur Penn was marketed as the ultimate film for the hippie generation, and it does represent the era quite well. Arlo Guthrie plays himself in this pseudo-documentary.

  5. "The Doors"-Oliver Stone captured a band a the hippie movement with imagination and passion in this film. Although many say that The Doors were the middle finger of the hippie movement, the era, hippie culture and "The Doors" music are often combined in pop culture. 

  6. "Forrest Gump"-While the entire movie of "Forrest Gump" is not about hippies, there are hippie characters and elements that are key aspects of the movie. For example, there's a hippie commune, hippies at the Vietnam War demonstration, and hippie characters that relate to Forrest. 

  7. "A Message from Holly"-In a dramatic film set in the 1990s, Shelley Long and Lindsay Wagner star as two best friends who look back to easier times when the lead character, Holly, was a hippie. As a vegetarian and artist, she's still referred to as a hippie. The two reminisce on who was the first to try pot brownies and dress up in their old hippie clothes at some points. The sad thread to the movie reveals Holly facing her own mortality from cancer.

  8. "My Girl"-This is a movie set in the suburbs in 1974. It's a coming-of-age tale of eleven-year-old Veda Sultenfuss. However, she is not completely protected from the cultural aftermath of the 1960s. Poets in her writing class are hippies. Veda wears a mood ring, a symbol that many associate with hippies, and her father's girlfriend is a free spirit who wanders in her camper. 

  9. "Hideous Kinky"-Despite its title, this film is nowhere near porn. Kate Winslet chose her role in this film, a free-spirited hippie mother, as her follow-up role to Rose in "Titanic." This story follows the hippie as she takes her two young daughters on adventures in Morocco. 

  10. "A Walk on the Moon"-This is a movie set in Woodstock in 1969, yet made in 1999. It's a coming-of-age story of a young girl in the Catskills, yet it also follows the story of her hippie parents and the winding road of their relationship.