If you are a fan of classical music, check out these 10 classical music movies. These movies have great stories, as well as great actors that do them justice. Not only that, but their music and soundtracks are phenomenal. They are full of the best classical music that has ever been made.

  1. "Amadeus". This classical music movie is all about jealousy and its cancerous nature. The movie is told from the viewpoint of Salieri, a professional rival of Mozart. During the movie, Salieri is in a mental institution. Throughout the movie, he confesses his sins and how he grew to hate Mozart.

  2. "The Pianist". This movie details the life of Wladyslaw Szpilman, a Polish Jew. The movie takes place during WWII, when Szpilman and his family had to endure living in the ghetto, as well as facing the chances of being transferred to an extermination camp. In this classical music movie, Szpilman has amazing skills as a pianist.

  3. "Hilary and Jackie". This classical music movie tells the story of Jacqueline Du Pre, a notable cellist. The movie portrays her childhood struggles, sibling rivalry, as well as a struggle with multiple sclerosis.

  4. "The Red Violin". This classical music movie has a bit of a twist. It's about a perfect violin that was made in 1681. Throughout the movie, the violin is passed to different owners in different countries. The movie portrays different stories of the people it was passed to, usually ending in a tragedy.

  5. "Immortal Beloved". In this movie, Beethoven's life is displayed as his assistant attempts to track down a woman in Beethoven's letters. The only name the assistant has for the women is immortal beloved. It's a great classical music movie because the audience gets to see a lot about Beethoven's life as his assistant is carrying out the search.

  6. "Shine". This can be considered an uplifting movie. It tells the story of David Helfgott, an Australian pianist. Helfgott suffers from schizoaffective disorder. In the movie, he meets a woman that helps nurse him back to health through the love she has for him.

  7. "Mr. Holland's Opus". This classical music movie is about the composer Glenn Holland. Holland is attempting to write an immortal piece of music. While doing so, he takes a teaching job. In what first began as a way to pay the bills, became something much more.

  8. "The Seventh Veil". This movie portrays Francesca Cunningham, a suicidal mental patient. She cannot remember her past. During the movie, her doctor uses hypnosis to help her remember. As a result, she begins to remember again. She remembers her life as a pianist, as well as those involved in her love life.

  9. "The Great Waltz". It's a story about the life of Johann Strauss II. There are two different versions of this classical music movie, the original, as well as the remake. Both are great and are worth checking out.

  10. "Intermezzo". This movie is about a piano teacher. The piano teacher has an affair with a student's father. The father she has an affair with is actually a world-renowned violinist. The movie is full of great classical music.