The 10 best classic Walt Disney movies are all those feature films you enjoyed as a kid and your kids will, in all likelihood, enjoy in the future. This is probably because Walt Disney films in general are super sugary sweet and full of cliches about happiness, love and good winning over evil.

  1. "Bambi" "Bambi" takes the top spot as the best classic Disney movie because it features animals as the main characters! Besides being ultra-cute and irresistible, you can just feel the panic in the animals (even though they are all animated) as they have to deal with the fire that forms the movie's climax.

  2. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" The second-best classic Walt Disney movie, "Snow White," tells the eternal tale of good versus evil and features dwarves with multiple personalities for much-needed comic relief. This is the kind of movie that you can just park kids of any age in front of and rejoice in the fact that they won't be exposed to any smut at all.

  3. "Cinderella" Another Disney movie geared toward girls and all the girlie tendencies in people, "Cinderella" reminds people of all ages that they have their own prince charming out there just waiting to rescue them. And if that doesn't come true, "Cinderella" still serves as a good morality tale that warns people not to be evil.

  4. "Peter Pan" What is probably the favorite movie for the late Michael Jackson is also number four on this list of the best classic Walt Disney movies. The reason is because this movie stirs something deep inside the souls of many people: The desire never to grow up is a feeling that everyone likely goes through in their life. Unlike Michael Jackson, though, they usually get over that feeling after age eleven.

  5. "Pinocchio" "Pinocchio" told the whole world about the moral wrongs and dangers of lying. After all, no one wants to end up with a six-foot pole as their nose! Thrills like being caught inside the belly of a giant whale and a wise-cracking cricket as a sidekick make this classic Walt Disney movie entertaining, too.

  6. "Dumbo" If you love elephants, "Dumbo" will easily be your sixth-best classic Disney movie. Just remember that if you are an elephant and want to fly, you have to first unwrap your long ears! This film is educational because it reminds its audience that perseverance is the key to success in life.

  7. "Alice in Wonderland" What could be better than a girl who ends up becoming a part of a fairy tale? Nothing, that's what! This movie is for all those people who have ever wondered what it would be like if their favorite story got to become real. As Alice found out, the reality of that is not all that ideal.

  8. "Robin Hood" From 1973 comes "Robin Hood," the 21st animated Disney feature in their classic movie series. This is the film to watch if you have kids who you are training to be a bunch of socialist wealth redistributors. After all, this film tells the tale on Robin Hood, whose motto is to "steal from the rich and give to the poor!"

  9. "Lady and the Tramp" "Lady and the Tramp" is the ninth-best classic Walt Disney movie because it reminds everyone about the importance of eating spaghetti and meatballs in such a way that you bite a long spaghetti noodle before you end up kissing someone at the other end of it. This classic Disney movie also uses ample amounts of romance to convey its tale.

  10. "The Jungle Book" The final movie on this list of the best classic Disney movies is the "Jungle Book," the thrilling romp through the jungle with Mowgli. Watching this movie makes you long for being raised in the jungle yourself. Woof!