There are at least 10 classic TV theme songs that shouldn't be missed. Some classic TV shows are also know for their theme songs. Here is a list of 10 classic TV theme songs that you will enjoy.

  1. "Miami Vice" World renown songwriter/composer Jan Hammer is responsible for this classic theme, which is named " Miami Vice ". The show features two hip undercover detectives working Miami Florida's Vice squad.

  2. "Welcome Back Kotter" Jon Sebastian is the performer of this theme which was named " Welcome Back ". The classic show is about high school class of difficult-to-teach students, and their teacher who was once a student in the same class.

  3. "S.W.A.T." Rhythm Heritage rocked this theme song for the classic TV show of the same name. The series is about a special weapons and tactics team of crime-fighters. 

  4. "Hawaii 5-0" The Ventures are responsible for this classic theme song; the name of which is the same as the show's title. The series follows two plain clothes detectives on their day-to-day crim fighting adventures.

  5. "Happy Days" One of the most fitting songs ever performed for a TV show; this one is by Pratt & McClain, and is called " Happy Days ". The show is about a group of 1950s high school kids who hang out at the local burger joint.

  6. "The Rockford Files" The theme song for this classic TV show is called "The Rockford Files," it is performed by Mike Post. This classic TV series follows an exonerated  ex-con turned private investigator.

  7. "Hill Street Blues" Post & Carlton are the performers of the classic " Hill Street Blues " theme song. The show is situated on the daily lives of a Chicago police department and its finest.

  8.  "Baretta" The classic " Keep Your Eyes On The Sparrow " is performed by none other than Sammy Davis Jr. This crime series features an undercover cop who has a liking for elaborate disguises.

  9. "My Three Sons" The incomparable Lawrence Welk Orchestra are the performers of this classic theme song. The series is about a widower who is raising three sons.

  10.  "All In The Family"  "Those Were The Days " is performed by Gene Stapleton & Carroll O'Connor; who also starred in the classic show. The classic series features a bigot and his sometimes dimwitted wife, living under the same roof with their liberal daughter and her likewise husband.