These 10 classic sci-fi TV shows provide tons of entertainment value despite the fact that they’re not that new. All these shows made a mark on the sci-fi TV industry, and changed the way people do things. Even though some of them are slightly outdated, they’re still very important and discerning fans will easily be able to appreciate them.

  1. “Star Trek” – This is the best among the classic sci-fi TV shows, and it really packs a punch. The show is about a crew exploring space in a distant future after people have made contact with various alien races. The show developed a huge cult following and received several follow-up shows that were also classics.

  2. “Lost in Space” – This show isn’t quite as serious minded as “Star Trek” but it also made a big impact on sci-fi TV shows that followed. It’s about a family that is stranded in space and forced to survive on a dangerous planet.

  3. “Twilight Zone” – Many people consider this to be the best among the classic sci-fi TV shows, and it's certainly worthy of serious praise. It’s one of the oldest shows on this list, and it’s known for especially excellent writing. Every week, the show told a different story with totally different characters and themes. For this reason, it never became stale and always managed to surprise audiences.

  4. “The Incredible Hulk” – This is probably the best of the classic sci-fi TV shows that’s adapted from a comic book. It’s about a scientist who changes into a green monster every time he loses his temper or becomes afraid.

  5. “Wild Wild West” – This show was at least partially responsible for launching the whole concept of steam punk. It’s the only one among the classic sci-fi TV shows that’s set in the old west. The main character is like a secret agent, and he uses various gadgets that couldn’t have existed in his time.

  6. “The Adventures of Superman” – This is another example of how comic books were a great inspiration for classic sci-fi TV shows. Compared to “The Incredible Hulk”, this one is actually a little dated, but it’s still very interesting to watch. It’s about a man from another planet who has various superpowers.

  7. “The Thunderbirds” – This is the only entry among the classic sci-fi TV shows that’s primarily built around the use of puppets. The whole show is about a team with special vehicles that they use to respond to world emergencies.

  8. “The Six Million Dollar Man” – If you’re interested in seeing classic sci-fi TV shows with a seventies vibe, this would be a good place to start. It’s about a man who’s severely injured, and the government replaces many of his body parts with robotic implants, giving him superhuman abilities.

  9. “Quantum Leap” – This show is the most recent film on this list of classic sci-fi TV shows. It’s about a scientist who is constantly moving through time, taking over the bodies of other people. He has no memory of how he got into this situation and he has no control over what’s happening to him.

  10. “Doctor Who” – This is one of the longest running of the classic sci-fi TV shows. It’s about a mysterious figure simply called “the doctor” who can travel through time and space using a special ship.