The list of 10 classic movies monsters will not include Freddy, Jason or Michael. Monsters are a great part of the horror genre and these ten are ten of the best in movie monster lore. Look over this list of ten classic monsters and see what memories they stir up.

  1. Zombies: Indeed, zombies. These monsters are the most iconic and memorable monsters of this generation. Zombies, or "the undead," have been used to scare, intrigue and even make us laugh. Such movies as "Dawn of the Dead", "Shaun of the Dead" and the "Resident Evil" series has endeared the undead to horror fans everywhere. For this, zombies will forever be embedded in the history of monster cinema.

  2. Godzilla: Since 1954 Godzilla has been destroying Tokyo and winning the hearts of monster movie fans all over the globe. Godzilla is a media icon from movies to print to video games, Godzilla has seen it all. Since he burst onto the scene in his self-titled movie to his appearance in "Godzilla Wars" (2004), this iconic monster has been ruling the genre.

  3. The 'Thing': Perhaps John Carpenter’s greatest creation, the Thing, which appears in the movie "The Thing," is a wicked monster that stirs up fright and dread. A remake and better derived monster from the 1951 original, "The Thing" is one of the genres most feared monsters. An Antarctic monster that is arguably the ugliest monster in cinema.

  4. Crawlers: Appearing in the film "Descent", these British monsters are sick beasts that prey from the depths of earth. Crawlers are hideous looking monster’s with a voracious appetite and a nasty disposition. A great monster for a very good movie that has spawned some copycats that cannot meet the ill effects of this movie's original monster.

  5. Fly: from the film "The Fly" from 1982. This remake's main character creates a mix of man and insect and becomes one of the most vomit stirring monsters ever. Jeff Goldblum’s greatest role is as this classic movie monster. Superb effects in this film with some very disgusting nuances make it worthy of being on this list of 10 horror movie monsters.  Check it out on am empty stomach.

  6. Xenomorph:  Aliens have never been more frightening that in the 1979 film "Alien". The monster in this film is a classic monster that stirs up fright and fear. A beast of a killer who has no intentions slowing the hunt or reducing the killing. This is a great movie with an over the top badass monster making it one of the best ever.

  7. The Blob: Released in 1958, the film "The Blob" features the Blob and takes you on a wild ride. A, well, not sure what it is, but best described as a cool monster that moves around devouring everything in sight is the main monster in this film. A classic monster in the horror genre, with a touch of sciencefFiction, helps make the Blob unforgettable. Just another gift from outer space that has brought years of memorable fun.

  8. Creature: "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1954) introdues us to the 'Creature.' This aquatic Romeo was always after the chicks. One of the best monster creations of its time, in an era of giant bugs and odd-looking wannabe space monsters, the Creature was a refreshing scare.

  9. Clovie:  from Cloverfield (2005). This monster, though elusive, has become a cult classic. Where monster movies fail quite often, Cloverfield brought back the monster to the cinema. An interesting cinematography concept that worked well for this monster movie. Though the on screen glimpses of the monster were short lived, the cult attraction has elevated Clovie into this list of 10 classic movie monsters.

  10. “Host:” The Host 2006: is a Korean phenomenon that swept the southern continent and has invaded international shores. This classic monster movie brings a sea creature to the fore front of the movie monster genre. The sheer terror brought on by The Host has made this monster an endearing figure. You will think twice about taking a dip off the Korean coast.