The ten classic monster movies brought horror and grand memories to so many fans who watched these creature features play out on screen. These classic monsters captured the imaginations and fears throughout the years in their own genre of movies. Classic movies with monsters both large and small make for fantastic entertainment as the creatures haunt their victims from coast to coast. Monsters have always been a classic feature in movies as audiences cower in fear of these horrors who are larger than life spectacles of the imagination. Here are the ten classic monster movies:

  1. "Godzilla, King of Monsters!" Raymond Burr starred in the Americanized version of the classic monster movie from Japan. A giant lizard bombarded with nuclear radiation from atomic bombs rises from the depths of the island's coast to cause catastrophic terror.

  2. "Dracula." Bela Lugosi is the classic vampire, Count Dracula, who travels to England to haunt a lady named Mina. Van Helsing and company must band together to stop the monster from taking possession of her and prevent the spread of his curse.

  3. "The Wolf Man." Lon Chaney Jr. plays a man who returns to his ancestral home only to be bitten by a mysterious creature during an attack in the woods. He begins to turn into a wolf-like monster and becomes the hunted by Sir John Talbot. 

  4. "Frankenstein." Boris Karloff starred as the famed monster created by various body parts of corpses and the demented mind of Dr. Frankenstein. Villagers from a nearby town hunt down the scientist and his abomination before anyone gets killed. 

  5. "Creature from the Black Lagoon." A group of scientists make a journey down the depths of the Amazon River to find a legendary fish monster. The mysterious Gill Man captures the fair Kay Lawrence as the group dives in to rescue her from its terrible grasp.

  6. "War of the Worlds." A spacecraft crash lands on Earth and sets off a horrific course of events as the alien monsters begin to attack across the globe. This classic movie shows the remnants of humanity surviving and battling the explosive invasion. 

  7. "The Invisible Man." Claude Rains plays the titular character from the mind of H.G. Wells who discovers the ability to turn invisible. The scientist lets his newfound power corrupt him as he turns into a monster amongst innocent people nearby.

  8. "Them!" Giant monster ants begin to terrorize the local folk in New Mexico in this classic Cold War era movie about the dangers of nuclear testing. The army and scientists band together to fight against the six-legged creatures of mass destruction. 

  9. "Tarantula." An arachnid leaves a mysterious lab, known for experimenting with gigantism on animals, and turns into an enormous monster. Clint Eastwood has an uncredited role in this classic movie as a fighter pilot sent in to take out the horrific creature.

  10. "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Wes Craven wrote and directed this classic horror movie about an urban legend who haunts teenagers' dreams. Freddy Krueger has grown into the pantheon of great monsters as a homicidal maniac enabled by the fear he creates with each murder during sleep.