10 classic Hollywood movies are films from the Golden Age of Filmmaking. The period before World War II offers film fans a choice of classic movies that have become favorites of classic movie channels. Thanks to the length of time from the original release, many of these classic Hollywood movies are also available on DVD from a variety of film companies. Some have been duplicated by many firms since the original studio copyright has expired. 

  1. "The Grapes of Wrath." This 1940 classic movie stars Henry Fonda in a rol taken from the novel by John Steinbeck. The plot follows a group of migrants and the heartbreak the group experiences when they can't find employment and basic essentials, including food. The gritty direction of John Ford brings home the country during the Great Depression.

  2. "Casablanca.' It's during World War II, 1942 to be exact, and the good guys ar fighting the Nazi forces in this film about taking a stand against the evil powers, even when it means you give up your true love. Bar owner Rick makes the ultimate sacrifice for his country in this classic Hollywood feature. 

  3. "The Wizard of Oz." The year 1939 was a banner year for filmmaking and this film version of the children's classic book dealing with Dorothy's adventures in the Land of Oz by M. Frank Baum is played on television each fall. We discover a little about life, a little about our own life views and a lot about what happens when evil witches take on the good hearted traveling crew of a girl, lion, in man and a scarecrow. 

  4. "The Gold Rush." Charles Chaplin wrote, directed and starred in this 1925 silent film about a man who goes West to find his fortune in the Gold Rush fields. Chaplin's physical talent for pratfalls and his skills as a dramatic actor are on display in this classic film. 

  5. "Gone with the Wind." Another classic Hollywood film released in 1939, this epic production retold the story of the Antebellum South and the Civil War. It also starred film heart throb Clark Gable in the male lead role. This film gave us the memorable lines, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn," and "I don't know nothing about birthin' no babies." The size of the cast, the costuming and the cinematography is still something to see. 

  6. "The Philadelphia Story." Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant show us how high society lives in this 1940 film, and it's not all pretty. Over the course of wedding preparations, a group of well-heeled learn a thing about themselves from the just folks sent by a magazine to cover the wedding.  

  7. "Stagecoach." Another famous classic Hollywood movie is released in 1939, this time directed by John Ford. "Stagecoach" stars Duke, aka John Wayne, in the title role of the stagecoach master. It's a classic western film and one that makes most everyone's classic film list. 

  8. "Top Hat." Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers hoof up a storm in this 1935 best Hollywood classic. Hum along with the title song and watch Astaire tap dance with a tuxedo cane. It's all good fun. So much fun that it helped turn tap dance instruction into a major industry. 

  9. "Modern Times." Charlie Chaplin stars in this 1936 film that challenges the modern notion that big business is out for the good of the nation. Many of the scenes in this film can indict the current philosophy that business can do no wrong if there is money to be made. 

  10. "Citizen Kane." The classic of the classics of Hollywood movies was released in 1941 starring Orson Wells. This epic tale of a man on his way to massive power and his ultimate fall from fame and fortune. The plo mirrors the life of the real newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.