10 Characters Deserving Of Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

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Can you help a brother out? 

President Obama recently announced a student loan forgiveness program that is being met with mixed reactions. The program would affect a measure that Congress has already passed. The revised plan would cap payments at 10 percent of discretionary income and any remaining debt after 20 years would be forgiven. Of course, there’s fear that people will take advantage of it.

But what about the people who really need it? People like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. He can’t be having too good of a go of it right now.

Here are ten characters deserving of student loan debt forgiveness.

Ben Braddock – The Graduate

Ban Braddock left college feeling uninspired and unaware of his place in the world. One of the top keys to success is a solid and well thought-out five-year plan. Lacking direction and desire for the career path can make paying bills a difficulty. He’ll definitely need some help from Uncle Sam if he doesn’t find his way.

Monty Kessler – With Honors

Monty Kessler thought that he’d made it when he was accepted to Harvard. However, acceptance is one thing. Graduating is another. Though a very hard working student, Monty’s thesis was stolen by a homeless Joe Pesci. Without a thesis, his shot at an Ivy League degree will go up in smoke. Leaving him with nothing but expensive tuition fees.

Lara Holleran – The Rules of Attraction

Thanks to her overprivileged upbringing, Lara will be well-off financially after school. But did she really get a proper education? She spent most of her college time experimenting with sex, drugs, and drink. Let’s be clear, I’m not saying I don’t condone that behavior. Okay. I’ll admit it. She made the list because she’s hot. She doesn’t deserve any help.

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