10 Celebs Who Will Be Snubbed By The Oscar Death Montage

Friday, February 24 by

The Creator of Doritos

Not an actor or writer or director, but an important loss all the same. Arch West figured out how to make a chip taste like a cheeseburger. An entire cheeseburger. He’s like the Steve Jobs of snack foods.

Andy Whitfield

The exclusion of Andy Whitfield won’t be a reflection of the man himself or his work, but rather, his lack of work. The star of Spartacus: Vengeance was really just beginning to break through to the mainstream when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His work in film was minimal, but as his fans will affirm, he was an actor on the rise. However, I wouldn’t rule out seeing Whitfield honored on the night. Academy members have a serious love of the old, boobless version of Spartacus and perhaps some of that good will may carry over.

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