This Sunday during the Oscars telecast, the Academy will no doubt pay tribute to screen legends Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Falk, Sidney Lumet, and Pete Poselthwait in their annual celebrity death montage. Inevitably, someone is always unfairly left off the list, which is not cool. In the past, stars like Corey Haim, Peter Graves, Farrah Fawcett, and Brad Renfro have been snubbed.

No one is certain of the requirements a performer needs to meet in honor to have thier rightful sip poured out on Hollywood's biggest night. The criteria seems to lean toward actors and actresses who are likely to be discussed at a boring dinner party. Below are a list of talented actors, actresses, and performers who deserve their nods on the big night. Mostly likely they will be passed over for no good reason.

Patrice O'Neal

Though much more well-known in the field of stand up comedy, Patrice O'Neal also appeared in movies from time to time. Films like Furry Vengeance, In the Cut, Scary Movie 4, Head of State, and The 25th Hour were his most notable, not to mention his several television roles. It's likely the Academy will leave him off the In Memoriam list due to the shakey quality of his films. And also because they're dicks like that.

Heavy D

Heavy D's chances of making the Oscars death montage are a toss up. A pioneer in hip-hop music, his crossover to the world of acting saw him star in recurring roles on shows like Living Single and Boston Public. For film, he appeared The Cider House Rules, Life, Step Up, and Tower Heist. He's well-known enough to make the list, but maybe slightly too hip for inclusion. Whether he makes the list or not, we'll all be bummed when reminded of his passing.

The Creator of Doritos

Not an actor or writer or director, but an important loss all the same. Arch West figured out how to make a chip taste like a cheeseburger. An entire cheeseburger. He's like the Steve Jobs of snack foods.

Andy Whitfield

The exclusion of Andy Whitfield won't be a reflection of the man himself or his work, but rather, his lack of work. The star of Spartacus: Vengeance was really just beginning to break through to the mainstream when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His work in film was minimal, but as his fans will affirm, he was an actor on the rise. However, I wouldn't rule out seeing Whitfield honored on the night. Academy members have a serious love of the old, boobless version of Spartacus and perhaps some of that good will may carry over.

Frances Bay

I actually think Frances Bay will be honored, but I wanted to include her name here as a warning. If you don't include Happy Gilmore's grandmother, there will be repurcussions. You will see a pithy side to me normally reserved only for airport desk agents and the customer service department at DirecTV.

The reason I'm worried she'll be excluded is due to her famed role on Seinfeld when Jerry stole her marble rye. The Academy snubbed Uncle Leo last year, so obviously they're not very aware of Seinfeld's contributions to pop culture. The lady already had her bread stolen, don't steal her propers.

Bubba Smith

Primarily famous as an athlete, Bubba Smith carved out an impressive second career for himself as an actor. He was an instant favorite with fans of the Police Academy films. To ignore Bubba Smith would be a case of film snobbery at its worse. If this does happen, I'm replacing Academy president Tom Sherak's shampoo with Nair and super glue.

Ryan Dunn

Arguably, the Jackass films are modern day classics. They're more inventive and daring than most of Hollywood's output and the stars deserve to be treated as the innovators that they are. I can see the argument that Ryan Dunn wasn't so much an actor as he was a personality, but I feel that's moot in this argument since Jackass really is a sum of its parts. And you can't discredit any member as not being part of the trilogy's creative process.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage

The Academy flipped out for The Wrestler a few years ago. Why would they want to change their tune in the face of an actual wrestler. I nominate "Macho Man" for two reasons. 1) He was brilliant as Bone Saw McGraw in Spider-Man, and 2) do you really want the ghost of "Macho Man" Randy Savage coming after you?

Mia Amber Davis

It's doubtful that the Academy is too familiar with Road Trip, but if they were, they'd know that Mila Amber Davis made a big impression as Rhonda. Plus, she died from complications during knee surgery. KNEE surgery. I never realized that knees were such ticking timebombs but it's surprisingly more common than you'd think. I'll have to discuss with my wife, but I'm thinking of having both of mine removed as a precaution.

Nate Dogg

In additon to his soundtrack work on Rush Hour 2, The Fast and the Furious, and ROBOTS, he also appeared in Gangsta Sh*t: The Movie. I say eligible.

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