Our 10 celebrity movie sex scenes come from a variety of films ranging from tense thrillers to hilarious comedies to soft-core porn—all proving once again that no matter the genre, Hollywood always finds a way to sex it up.

  1. Kathleen Turner and William Hurt – “Body Heat.” Number one on our list of 10 celebrity movie sex scenes are Kathleen Turner and William Hurt who steam it up in the aptly named “Body Heat.” When foreplay includes tossing a chair through a plate glass window, you just know the scenes are hot.

  2. Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke – “9 ½ Weeks.” If you like food and you like sex, you’ll love the next entry on our list of celebrity sex scenes. In “9 ½ Weeks,” Kim Basinger is seduced in front of an open refrigerator by Mickey Rourke in a scene that culminates with lots of honey and lots of licking.

  3. Naomi Watts and Laura Harring – “Mulhollan Drive.” For years, the standard man-woman hookup was the only kind of celebrity movie sex scene produced in legitimate Hollywood films. But men are men and there’s nothing men like more than a little girl-on-girl action, so scenes between sexy actresses like Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in “Mulholland Drive” have become far more common.

  4. Denise Richards, Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon– “Wild Things.” As long as we have movie sex scenes with lesbian action, why not spice it up a little more with a nice ménage a trois? Take two sexy, young “Wild Things,” one teacher, some booze and a motel room and you have one of the most talked about celebrity movie sex scenes of all time.

  5. Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid – “The Big Easy.” A lot of nudity and plenty of steam put Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid on our list of 10 celebrity movie sex scenes. In “The Big Easy,” Barkin can’t fight her desire for the crooked cop she is sent to take down and winds up bringing the investigation into his bedroom.                                 

  6. Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold – “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” In an otherwise unremarkable movie career, Phoebe Cates will always be remembered for her nude scene in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” But what puts this one on our list of 10 celebrity movie sex scenes is what Judge Reinhold is doing to himself while fantasizing about the dark-haired beauty in the red bikini.

  7. Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez – “Unfaithful.” In our next celebrity sex scene, beautiful Diane Lane, as a devoted wife and mother, plays the “Unfaithful” one getting involved with a younger man played by Olivier Martinez. Following their first encounter, Lane rides the train home while recalling in her mind the details of their wild afternoon encounter.

  8. Julianne Moore and Mark Wahlberg – “Boogie Nights.” Naturally, a film about the world of 1970s porn would have plenty of celebrity sex scenes. The best of them involves an aging porn queen played by Julianne Moore helping well-endowed up-and-comer Mark Wahlberg through his first scene.

  9. Madeline Kahn and Peter Boyle – “Young Frankenstein.” Who says sex is serious business? Certainly not Mel Brooks who matches stuffy Madeline Kahn and monstrous Peter Boyle—a creature put together with various body parts including “an enormous schwanzstucker”—in perhaps cinema’s most hilarious sex scene of all time.

  10. Rebecca De Mornay and Tom Cruise – “Risky Business.” For and high school boy who has ever dreamed of having his own personal hooker, our next celebrity sex scene is right up his alley. Rebecca De Mornay’s seduction of Tom Cruise on a Chicago train brings a whole new meaning to the word “public” in public transportation.