Each year, there is a new batch of lovely young starlets, the 10 best young actresses 2010, that grace the big and small screen causing great excitement to audiences and industry. This year was no exception.

  1. Amber Heard. The striking young blonde has eyes that look like they could cut through glass. Heard is definitely not your typical girl-next door, but she has the acting chops and unique taste in films such as the little-seen "The Joneses" and "The Informers," as well as the ho high school girlfriend of Seth Rogen in "Pineapple Express."

  2. Michelle Williams. Although she may be considered old-news thanks to her six year stint on "Dawson's Creek" that began over a decade ago, Williams has evolved into a serious and respected actress due to her fearless roles in films like "Blue Valentine" and "Wendy and Lucy."

  3. Emma Roberts. No one seemed to role their eyes over the fact that Eric's daughter/Julia's Niece was attempting to be an actress, but that may be because she actually gets by completely on her own merits. Cute enough to be the star of a teen flick, Roberts prefers to play a supporting player in interesting ensembles.

  4. Carey Mulligan. Holding your own against Michael Douglas and Peter Saarsgard is no easy task, but the relatively young newcomer manages to do both in "Wall Street 2" and "An Education."

  5. Jessica Pare. The mysterious new love of Don Draper has actually been around for quite awhile. The young gorgeous Canadian actress has appeared in many independent films including an underrated film called "Lost and Delirious" featuring Piper Perabo and Misha Barton. The girl gets even more credit for having no qualms about being nude in a film, she has done it often.

  6. Emma Stone. The charming redhead who seemed way too pretty for Jonah Hill in "Superbad" forayed into a career of similarly quirky characters that seem to be outsiders despite the obvious attractiveness of the person who embodies them.

  7. Chloe Moretz. The best part of this year's "Kick-Ass," not even a competition.

  8. Mia Wasikowska. As at unknown appearing as one of the most iconic literary characters, Mia's Alice in this year's "Alice in Wonderland" was a perfectly fitting portrayal. Following such a major blockbuster with the sweet and funny "The Kids Are All Right" was a perfect one-two punch of a debut year into Hollywood's young elite.   

  9. Elizabeth Moss. Although she has been an actress since childhood ("Return to Witch Mountain," anyone?) she brings a consistently good performance as the smart and strong Peggy Olsen on "Mad Men."

  10. Mila Kunis. Everyone is talking about how amazing Natalie Portman is in "Black Swan," but Portman has always been a great talent who rarely disappoints. Kunis is a revelation. Who knew the annoying girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher on "That 70's Show" could give a stellar performance in an Oscar-worthy film?