You won’t be able to keep yourself from laughing as you watch the 10 best TV sitcoms of the 90’s. With hilarious dialogue delivered by some of the brightest comedic talents, these sitcoms brought wit and charm into households throughout the decade.

  1. “Seinfeld” Routinely billed as “a show about nothing,” this TV sitcom of the '90s was one of the most popular of all time. With a nine-season NBC run that ended in 1998, Jerry Seinfeld’s brainchild produced dozens of classic TV moments in its plots about a New York City comedian and his quirky group of friends.

  2. “Mad About You”Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt had great chemistry, as evidenced in this '90s TV sitcom. An NBC staple from 1992 to 1999, this sitcom lasted 164 episodes. Portraying a married couple in New York City, Reiser and Hunt made for loads of TV sitcom entertainment as they lampooned everything from daily intricacies to major life events.

  3. “Roseanne” A constant presence on ABC throughout most of the '90s, Roseanne Barr made America laugh for nine seasons. Before its abrupt end in 1997, this TV sitcom hit home with millions of people, featuring spot-on portrayals of a working-class Midwestern family and their refreshing outlook on social and financial struggles.

  4. “News Radio” Premiering on NBC in 1995, this TV sitcom ran for five seasons. Its talented ensemble cast featured Phil Hartman, Dave Foley and Andy Dick as employees of an AM radio station in New York. With dialogue that was sophisticated as well as funny, this TV sitcom of the '90s was an instant classic.

  5. “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Long before Will Smith was battling aliens and zombies on the big screen, he played a poor Philadelphia teen living with his rich relatives in this hilarious TV sitcom of the '90s. Beginning in 1990, this sitcom lasted for six seasons on NBC, with its fish-out-of-water premise never running stale.

  6. “Murphy Brown” Perhaps the most intelligent of the ten best TV sitcoms of the '90s, this show featured current political commentary and snappy writing. By the time it ended its ten-season run in 1998, this TV sitcom had amassed 247 episodes about the daily lives of CBS television journalists.

  7. “Home Improvement” As the king of manly '90s TV sitcoms, this Tim Allen vehicle tickled the funny bones of guys across the country. Beginning on ABC in 1991, Allen played the inept host of a TV fix-it show, bumbling his way into hilarious situations with his family. Vixen Pamela Anderson got her TV career started on this sitcom, giving males yet another reason to tune in.

  8. “Married…With Children” For eleven seasons on the FOX network, Ed O’Neill played iconic '90s character Al Bundy, a balding father being driven crazy by his eccentric family. This TV sitcom ended its run in 1997 after amassing an improbable 262 episodes.

  9. “Friends” As the most female-friendly of the ten best TV sitcoms of the '90s, this show chronicled the lives of six friends as they tried to find love and career success in New York City. Getting its start on NBC in 1994, this TV sitcom was a fast-paced, sharply written snapshot of life as twenty-something in the '90s, providing a career breakout for Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and the rest of the gang.

  10. “Everybody Loves Raymond” Everybody really did love Raymond in 1996 when this TV sitcom premiered on CBS. One of the most successful TV shows of the late '90s, this sitcom provided an intimate and humorous look at the daily lives of blue-collar comedian Ray Romano and his offbeat family.