The 10 best TV on DVD releases includes well-known shows as well as those that were little-watched while on the air. Regardless of whether you’ve seen the shows, below is a list of the best TV shows released on DVD that are guaranteed to satisfy.

  1. "Modern Family" - A relatively new phenomenon, "Modern Family" combines satire and slapstick into one, 30 minute episode. It takes no effort to view the old Al Bundy, Ed O’Neill, in his new role, adding a hint of nostalgia to the show. Hot moms and ridiculous dads mean there’s no shortage of laughs, making the TV series one of the best DVD releases.

  2. "Mad Men" - Ah, men at their finest; and, honestly, women at their finest too. Live the days of smoking at your desk, having affairs at the office and drinking like its prohibition. Who doesn’t want to watch a woman try to explain the effect of vibrating underpants? An instant hit when first aired, the "Mad Men" DVD’s enable watchers start the series without interruption or catch up on the previous, shocking seasons.

  3. "30 Rock" - Sometimes, you just can’t turn away from a character portraying himself in his actual real life. Watch Alec Baldwin drink away his troubles as Tina Fey comically manages a cast of ridiculous characters. Subtle and hilarious 30 Rock may not currently be recognized for the gem that it is, but the DVD release will certainly create new fans.

  4. "The Office". Anyone who’s ever stepped inside an office understands the humor on these DVDs. Watch the series from the very beginning and take the tumultuous ride that is Michael Scott’s management style along with the company’s workers. Hilarious with hints of romance, the DVD release of the show’s episodes will never grow old no matter how frequently you watch.

  5. "24" - Face it, it’s a pretty cool concept for the show to consist of the exact amount of time provided to solve the mystery. The fact that every character is somehow affected by the event jam-packs the plot with tension. Quite plentiful, these DVD’s are certain to entertain you on a lazy afternoon.

  6. "Californication" - This titillating series portrays the frustration and love inherent in all relationships. There’s no shortage of sex and ambition on the "Californication" DVD’s, and the fact that it’s all delivered through Duchovny’s dry humor makes it even more of a can’t-miss.

  7. "Arrested Development" - Little recognized while on the air, "Arrested Development" is perhaps one of the funniest shows ever to grace television. Seriously, no other show has had a foreign exchange student appearing at random intervals. While perhaps best suited for those with humor geared towards satire, the show will make everyone laugh. The DVD release is perfect for the hours after you finish you poker game.

  8. "The Wire" - Want to blow your mind? The discontinued series "The Wire" is police work and intrigue at its finest. Conspiracies, drug wars and gang relationships abound in each of the six seasons. Make sure you get the entire series at the same time, because once you pop in the first DVD, you’ll be addicted. Oh, and watch out for Omar, that guy’s awesomely deadly.

  9. "Friends" - It’s a little girly, but chicks love it when guys understand references to their favorite show. Not to mention that a re-watch of the DVD’s shows just how much of the series revolved around sex. A classic, no list of best DVD releases would be complete without "Friends".

  10. "Entourage" - Four men at play in the most topsy-turvy town in the U.S. Sometimes they come up short, but they always end up on top, most often with a lady beneath. Live the fantasy life through the hilariously entertaining DVDs. Start at the beginning and you won’t be able to stop watching, and without a doubt will also understand why the show is one of the ten best DVD releases.