The following 10 Best True Life Movies will provide you with a several hours of great entertainment. Whether you prefer thrillers, historical, comedy or suspense or in some cases, all of them all rolled into one, there is bound to be a true life movie to suit everyone's taste.

  1. "Dry White Season." This film directed by Euzhan Palcy was released in 1989 and is rated R. The cast of excellent actors includes Donald Sutherland, Susan Sarandon and Marlon Brando. The movie is based on the true life story of an African schoolteacher, Meneer Du Toit who during his struggle to bring justice to the death of his gardener and his gardener’s son, loses everything. With corruption, courtroom scenes, betrayal and brutal beatings, there is bound to be something for everyone with this movie.

  2. "Good Fellas". Directed and co-written by Martin Scorsese, Good Fellas was released in 1990 and is rated R. Acclaimed actors Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci star in this action packed true story, based on the best seller wise guy. The movie was name best picture in 1990 and was listed on the American Film Institute’s top 100 list of American Films. The film is excellent for its detail of the life of a criminal

  3. "JFK", rated R and released in 1991. Oliver Stone directed the film. A spectacular cast includes Tommy Lee Jones, Jack Lemmon, Joe Pesci, Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman. The film revolves around the assassination of President Kennedy. Packed with suspense, thrill and drama this is a must see film.

  4. "Barbarians at the Gate". Directed by Glenn Jordan and released in 1993 and rated R. This true story film is about the 1980 leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco. The cast includes James Garner who plays F. Ross Johnson, the CEO of RJR Nabisco and Jonathan Pryce who place a takeover king named Henry Kravis.

  5. "Fire in the Sky". The film was directed by Robert Lieberman, released in 1993 and is rated PG-13. It is based on the true story of Travis Walton, a logger who was supposedly abducted by aliens. The film tells the story of the abduction from beginning to end. This is a must see film for anyone who has an interest in UFO phenomena.

  6. "8 Seconds" was released in 1994. This PG-13 rated film is based on the true story of Lane Frost, a famous rodeo bull rider from the 1980s. The movie was directed by John G. Avildsen and the cast includes James Rebhorn, Stephen Baldwin, Cynthia Geary, Luke Perry and Cameron Finley. A good cowboy movie.

  7. "Citizen X" was released in 1995. The movie starring Stephen Rea and Donald Sutherland, is based on the true story of the search for “Citizen X,” thought to be the most elusive and savage serial killer. An R rated, keep you on the edge of your seat thriller. Sutherland does an excellent job at portraying the psychiatrist who is called in to develop a psychological profile of the man responsible for fifty two savage murders.

  8. "Black Hawk Down" was released in 2002. Ridley Scott directed this film based on the 1993 American siege of the Somalian City of Mogadishu. The film recreates the story of how what was supposed to be a 45 minute mission ended with 16 hours of bloody warfare. The cast of the film include Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor.

  9. "Catch Me If You Can". This PG-13 film was directed by Stephen Spielberg and has a cast that includes, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. Dicaprio plays the real life con artist Frank Abagnale, Jr who impersonated numerous wealthy individuals such as a pilot, doctor and lawyer. Between the ages of 16 to 21, Abagnale wrote $2.5 million worth of bad checks and was known as the most notorious con man in America.

  10. "Seabiscuit", directed by Gary Ross and released in 2003. The true story about a race horse that against all odds, won the triple crown. The cast includes Tobey Maguire as the jockey and Jeff Bridges plays millionaire Charles Howard.