10 Best Topless Scenes

Saturday, April 9 by D. Michaels

Despite the stories people may hear about Hollywood, not every actress is willing to lose her top at the drop of a hat, so finding the 10 best topless scenes takes some serious, painstaking research, and long hours in front of a TV looking for even a hint of boobies. But low and behold, we have found some of the best scenes featuring some of the hottest actresses who are willing to show the audience what they have only previously dreamed about.

  1. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". This movie is virtually at the top of every critic’s list in terms of best topless scenes. In fact, it may be the only thing actress Phoebe Cates is known for, but when she comes out of the pool and loses her small red bikini top, it’s a guarantee that every man in the audience is crossing his legs.
  2. "Alexander". Rosario Dawson doesn’t do topless scenes often, but when she does, she makes them count. Her explicit scene in “Alexander” is an excellent example. Not only does she let the girls out for some air, but she does it in the throes of some rough sex with her co-star, Colin Farrell.
  3. "The Gift". The Katie Holmes topless scene, near the end of the film, comes virtually out of nowhere. She is in an argument with her on-screen husband, when she suddenly rips her top off. Before this, she had only been known for her sweet girl role in the TV show, “Dawson’s Creek”. She grew up fast.  
  4. "American Pie". The writers of this teen comedy knew exactly what everyone wanted to see and they didn’t make them wait long. In Shannon Elizabeth’s debut role, she gets caught in a scene topless and masturbating to a girlie magazine. What more could a guy ask for?
  5. "Sin City". Carla Gugino is one of those rare actresses who can successfully bounce between doing kids films and appearing topless in more adult-oriented movies. Right after her stint in the “Spy Kids” trilogy, she bared her amazing 36D boobs in a topless scene in “Sin City”.
  6. "Titanic". Although it was one of the biggest hits ever made, most guys wish they had never seen this sugary chick flick. Sure, the special effects are amazing, but that’s not the reason most guys remember it. It was that surprising topless scene with English hottie Kate Winslet. When she released her titanic boobies, guys stood up and took notice.
  7. "The Wrestler". Who says older women shouldn’t do topless scenes? Certainly not late-40’s star Marisa Tomei, who appears here as stripper with pierced nipples (sadly, those were fake) not once, but three separate times. There must be something about Mickey Rourke that make hot women want to take their tops off with him.  
  8. "Striptease". Some stars shy away from nude role they did in their early careers. Not Demi Moore. There was media frenzy when it was announced that she would appear in a topless scene as a stripper in the film adaptation of the book by the same name.
  9. "Swordfish". Halle Berry’s first topless scene, and it was with her X-Man co-star Hugh Jackman, no less. The third Oscar winner on the list (Tomei and Winslet being the other two), Berry’s topless scene was also greeted with a great deal of press propelling audiences to the box office to see it.
  10. "Hackers". It’s truly surprising how many topless scene lists this movie doesn’t appear on. While it was not Angelina Jolie’s first topless scene, it was the one that made both men and women around the world notice and begin a lifelong obsession with her body. And thank the gods she has not disappointed.

-D. Michaels

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