Whether they will admit or not, most guys have their own personal list of top 10 best topless movie scenes in their head. It looks like ours was in need of an update with all of the great scenes that have come out in the last few years, so check to see how this list compares to yours.

  1. Kate Winslet in "Titantic" (1997). Although it was one of the biggest hits ever made, most guys wish they had never seen this sugary chick flick. Sure, the special effects are amazing, but that’s not the reason most guys remember this movie. It was that surprising topless scene with English hottie Kate Winslet. When she released her titanic boobies, guys stood up and took notice.

  2. Anne Hathaway in "Havoc" (2005). Known as the girl who starred in a series of successful Disney flicks, young Anne Hathaway did what virtually every young starlet does when she wants to be taken seriously. She goes topless. A lot. Her first foray into more grown-up films was her role in "Havoc", where she played a upper middle class girl who becomes seduced by Latino gang culture.

  3. Rosario Dawson in "Alexander" (2004). Rosario Dawson doesn’t do topless scenes often, but when she does, she makes them count. Her explicit scene in "Alexander" is an excellent example. Not only does she let the girls out for some air, but she does it while having some rough sex with Colin Farrell.

  4. Carla Gugino in "Sin City" (2005). Carla is one of those rare actresses who can successfully bounce between doing kids films and appearing topless in more adult-oriented movies. Right after her stint in the "Spy Kids" trilogy, she bared her amazing boobs in "Sin City". Then her lesbian cop character got killed five minutes later.

  5. Jessica Pare in "Hot Tub Time Machine” (2010).  Definitely the newest entry on the list and well earned. Before she was a star on AMC’s "Mad Men", she had a bit part going topless in "Hot Tub Time Machine". Her all-natural hooters actually made the movie watchable for a few short minutes.

  6. Malin Akerman in "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" (2004). Long before she made the geeks swoon in "Watchmen", Akerman was giving them uncomfortable urges as the wife of Freakshow in this stoner comedy. Her polite free-loving, borderline nympho character flashes her topless self to both Harold and Kumar just before things get...weird.

  7. Demi Moore in "Striptease" (1996). Some stars shy away from nude role they did in their early careers. Not Demi Moore. She had a media bonanza when it was announced that she would appear topless as a stripper in the film adaptation of the book by the same name. Having just come from breast enhancement surgery and months of work perfecting the body and dance moves of a veteran exotic dancer, Moore wowed her fans and made a few new ones because of this flick.

  8. Salma Hayek in "Frida" (2002). There is no way this list would be complete without the stunning beauty who, like Angelina Jolie, has captured the hearts and loins of men and women alike. Some might say her best topless scene was in 1995’s "Desperado", but for sheer sexuality and raw power, it doesn’t compare to Hayek’s portrayal of surrealist Mexican painter Frida Cahlo. In the film, she goes topless for both men and women, scoring big in the spank banks of everyone who saw it.

  9. Katie Holmes in "The Gift" (2000). She was no Disney starlet, but Katie Holmes was caught in the 'good girl' image crafted for her by her show "Dawson’s Creek". Naturally, going topless was the easiest and quickest way to get fans to take another look at her. And look they did. There really is nothing like an aggressive girl who likes to go topless.

  10. Angelina Jolie in "Hackers" (1995). It’s truly surprising how many lists this actress doesn’t appear on. While it was not her first topless scene, it was the one that made both men and women around the world notice and begin a lifelong obsession with her body. And thank the gods she has not disappointed.