For those that are interested in renting films that feature 10 topless beach movie scenes, the below list is a good place to start. Most of these movies take place during the 1980's where they not only provide viewers with several naked breast scenes, but offer full frontal nudity as well. 

  1. "Hard Bodies" It doesn't take long for tops to fly off in this 1980's cult classic. During the opening credits, four stunningly hot beach beauties splash around in the ocean where they play keep away with one of their girlfriend's bikini tops. Now that's a game worth viewing.

  2. "Spring Break" This popular 1983 movie that takes place in Ft Lauderdale, Florida features loads of hot women, all night partying, wet t-shirt contests, and an unforgettable topless beach scene where a lovely blonde takes off her top after her geeky boyfriend almost gets devoured by an alligator.

  3. "South Beach Academy" What do you get when you combine a beach, car wash, hot cars, and even hotter women? Answer: a plethora of topless babes washing hoods, windows, and whatever else needs cleaning. Simply rent the movie "South Beach Academy," and you will witness a sexy scene where all the above takes place.

  4. "Nightmare Beach"  A sexy 1988 slasher film that features a plethora of hot babes, this film offers a hot topless beach scene where a wet t-shirt contest turns into a "show us your tits" event. 

  5. "The Malibu Bikini Shop" As evidenced by the movie's title, The Malibu Bikini Shop features dozens of bikini clad beauties. Set on the boardwalk of Malibu Beach, this sexy movie has some great topless beach scenes, including one where dozens of girls dance on stage, while shedding their tops. 

  6. "Screwballs" Another 80's classic, "Screwballs" has many topless scenes involving hot women;  many taking place at the beach. One scene involves an individual "accidentally" removing a sun bathing beauty's top with a wooden pole.

  7. "Surf School" What do you get when you have three beautiful blondes playing European sun bathers? Answer: three sets of beautiful boobs that easily  make this ten best topless beach movie scenes list. 

  8. "Where the Boys Are" The 1984 version of "Where the Boys Are" features some great topless beach scenes during the hot body contest, as it provides its viewers with some impressive looking fun bags. 

  9. "Survival Island" Survival Island features one of the hottest beach sex scenes when Kelly Brook bares her beautiful breasts. She also has a skinny dipping scene that features her fabulous nude backside. 

  10. "Blame it on Rio" Demi Moore and Michelle Johnson are not afraid to show their breasts in the 1984 romantic comedy, "Blame it on Rio." One topless beach scene that stands out is where dozens of topless women run along the beach and into the ocean. Gotta love the 80's.