Throughout the years there have been some excellent thriller movies, and here is a list of the 10 best thrillers. Curl up on the sofa, turn the lights low, and get ready for some thrills!!

  1. “See No Evil” (1971).  Mia Farrow was blinded in an accident and goes to visit her uncle and while she is gone, a psychotic killer kills the family members. She discovers the bodies and a bracelet the killer lost. When he returns to find it, Mia escapes on horseback and runs into a band of gypsies. The gypsies believe their relative is the killer and lock Mia in a shed so she can’t go to the police. Watch this thriller to see what happens!!

  2. “House of Wax” (1953). Vincent Price will have you sitting on the edge of your seat in this thriller. A wax sculptor believed to be dead from a fire, resurfaces and opens up a wax museum at the same time several bodies disappear from the morgue. There’s a reason why the wax figures look so real – because they are!!

  3. “Rear Window” (1954). James Stewart, confined to a wheelchair, spends time viewing the courtyard and the other residents in the apartments. He and Grace Kelly begin to suspect Raymond Burr of killing his wife. Watch and see how Alfred Hitchcock uses the camera to create the characters in this thriller.

  4. “Psycho” (1960). Janet Leigh stole money from her employer. She is on the run and stops at the Bates Motel for the night. She encounters the unstable proprietor played by Anthony Perkins. (This role typecast Perkins the rest of his life.) Scenes like the house on the hill, the murder in the shower, and the image of Mrs. Bates will remain in your memory for life. A must see thriller!!

  5. “The Exorcist” (1973). Linda Blair plays the 12-year-old daughter of an actress who is visiting in Washington D.C.  Linda’s looks begin to change and she starts having violent outbursts. Believing she is possessed, priests are called in to perform an exorcism.

  6. “Die Hard” (1988). Bruce Willis (NYPD) will have you on the edge of your seat while he tries to save his wife who is attending a Christmas Eve party in a building on the plaza when it is overtaken by German terrorists. Minus his shoes, socks and a regular shirt, Willis uses his brainpower and a Beretta 92F pistol to take out the terrorists one by one.

  7. “Night of the Living Dead” (1968). In this thriller supposedly radiation from a fallen satellite has caused the dead to rise from the grave and seek human flesh for food. A group of people have boarded themselves up in an old farm house trying to fend off the zombies. If they get bitten by them, they also turn into zombies. This old low-budget black and white film is full of suspense and terror.

  8. “The Shining” (1980). A family becomes caretakers of an unoccupied hotel for the winter. The previous caretaker had gone insane and chopped up his family. The father, a writer, played by Jack Nicholson begins to go insane as a result of the isolation and the ghosts of the hotel’s former guests. His son also sees gruesome images powered by “The Shining.” This thriller will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

  9. “The Birds” (1963). Tippi Hedren drives to Bodega Bay to play a joke on Mitch, but when she arrives the birds begin to act strangely. Suddenly she is attacked by a sea gull and thousands of birds begin attacking anyone they find outdoors for no apparent reason. The main focus of the movie is surviving the attacks of the birds that are everywhere. Guaranteed to make you cringe whenever you see a flock of birds!

  10. “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” (1962). Sisters Joan Crawford and Bette Davis were both actresses, but Bette was jealous because Joan was always better. As Bette gets older and slowly goes insane, she torments Joan who is in a wheelchair because Bette ran over her when she was drunk. Mutual hate, envy, and revenge are rampant in this nail-biting thriller.