10 Best Thrillers 2010 will keep you at the edge of your seat and in suspense throughout the movie. These movies stand out above the rest and shouldn't be missed. There is nothing like watching a movie watching a movie that will keep your attention and keep you guessing throughout. Thriller movies can be filled with comedy, romance, and horror. There are so many possibilities when it comes to a good thriller movie.

  1. "Salt"  This movie tops the 10 Best Thrillers 2010. Starring Angelina Jolie who plays Evelyn Salt who is accused of treason. Follow her as she must do everything humanly possible to keep from getting caught. Even her family and friends can't be trusted.

  2. "The Lovely Bones" This suspense thriller is sure to be one that you will remember. A young girl is murdered, will her murderer get away with the crime or will he claim his next victim?

  3. "Edge of Darkness" Mel Gibson plays a Boston detective whose daughter is killed close to his home. Was this just a coincidence or was it someone he knows?  This surely places in the 10 Best Thrillers 2010, the movie is filled with conspiracy.

  4. "Frozen" Although this movie is not as well known as the rest of the 10 Best Thrillers 2010, it still makes the list. Find out if the snow boarders freeze to death as they are trapped on a ski lift as the resort they are at is closed for several days. The cold is not the only thing they have to worry about.

  5. "Shutter Island" This movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who is investigating the disappearance of a patient of a mental hospital. Learn the secrets on Shutter Island in one of the 10 Best Thrillers 2010. This movie will have you thinking for days after you have watched it.

  6. "Green Zone" This action thriller stars Matt Damon. He plays an Iraq soldier who is searching for weapons of mass destruction. This movie is filled with tons of action and suspense.

  7. "Repo Men" In this 10 Best Thrillers 2010, make sure to keep your debts up to date, especially when you have had an organ transplant. You wouldn't want to find out how they repo organs. Another movie that tops the list that is loaded with non stop action.

  8. "Killers" This movie puts suspense and comedy together with an all star cast. Watch the obstacles an assassin must encounter as he tries to retire and settle down with the love of his life. This movie is filled with twist and turns.

  9. "Splice" This is a science fiction thriller that places in the 10 Best Thrillers 2010. Follow scientist who are trying to add human DNA to one of their special formulas. What will they end up creating?

  10. "Jonah Hex" Follow the journey of a gunslinger and bounty hunter in this western thriller. The only western that made it to the 10 Best Thrillers 2010.