The 10 best thriller movies of all time take the viewer and place him on the edge of the seat. These movies excite and thrill the viewer, keeping the heart racing and never letting up until the explosive end. Most thriller movies are not award winning efforts but remain hugely entertaining and popular years after their release.

  1. “The Shining” – Stephen King’s classic thriller novel is adapted by Stanley Kubrick and what results is one of the best thriller movies of all time. Jack Nicholson stars as Jack Torrance, a man who slowly loses his mind while isolated in a haunted hotel.

  2. “Inception” – Christopher Nolan took break from the popular “Batman” movies to make this mind twisting thriller movie. The movie takes con-men and places them in a world where they can enter into someone’s mind and steal their memories.

  3. “Fight Club”David Fincher created one of the best thriller movies of all time and one of the biggest cult phenomenon of the last ten years. Brad Pitt stars as an enigmatic man who convinces legions of bored men to rebel against the society that holds them down.

  4. “The Silence of the Lambs” – One of the most successful thriller movies of all time, “Silence of the Lambs” won the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Is is one of the few times in cinema history that a movie has ever won all four awards.

  5. “Memento” – Christopher Nolan made his name with this twisted thriller movie. The movie’s gimmick is that it plays in reverse order, with the final scene shown first and the first scene of the story shown at the end of the movie. It is an expertly constructed puzzle that pays off by the end.

  6. “North by Northwest”Alfred Hitchcock is known at the master of suspense and, with this movie, created one of the best thriller movies of all time. A hapless businessman is mistaken for a secret agent and has to run for his life while trying to decipher why everyone suddenly wants him dead.

  7. “The Third Man”Orson Welles stars in one of the best Film Noirs of all time in this exciting thriller movie. Welles plays a man who supposedly died before his only friend showed up to see him. When he is seen wandering the streets, his friend sets out to figure out why he faked his own death.

  8. “L.A. Confidential” – Based on the crime novel by James Elroy, this movie was nominated for nine Oscars making it one of the best thriller movies of all time. The movie follows three police detectives who operate in strikingly different ways.

  9. “Seven” – David Fincher directs this classic thriller movie where two detectives try to catch a serial killer who is murdering in the name of the seven deadly sins. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star as the detectives on the case while Kevin Spacey stars as the mysterious killer, John Doe.

  10. “Psycho” – Alfred Hitchcock helped create the slasher genre with this thriller movie. The movie sucked in the audiences and then shocked them when the main character died halfway through the film. From that moment on, the movie became one of the most unpredictable horror films of all time.