Several thriller movies were released in 2008, but here are the 10 best thriller movies 2008. If you haven’t seen these thrillers yet, kick back in your recliner and get ready for chills and suspense!!

  1. “Felon” (2008).  In this thriller, Stephen Dorff gets sentenced to three years in a maximum-security prison for killing a burglar who broke into his home. He shares his cell with Val Kilmer who is a mass murderer. In order to survive he has to learn to be tougher than everyone, but what will that do to the loving family man when he finally goes back home to civilization?

  2. “88 Minutes” (2008). Al Pacino is a professor who helps the FBI with forensic psychiatry. His testimony against a criminal causes his to receive a phone call that he will die in 88 minutes. His job is to track down the person who made the call and save his own life.

  3. “The Happening” (2008). Mark Wahlberg is a high-school science teacher who becomes involved in a mysterious event that is happening in New York City. People are suddenly seizing up and then committing suicide all over the country. The teacher and his family and friends get on a train to escape whatever is causing the suicides, but the train halts before it reaches its destination. Everyone is left to fend for themselves.

  4. “The Life Before Her Eyes” (2008). Uma Thurman stars as a guilt-ridden survivor of a high-school shooting. This thriller explores her friendship between her teenage years and adulthood. Until she becomes an adult, and her traumatic past unfolds, she does not realize how the event had affected her life.

  5.  “Blindness” (2008). An epidemic of blindness hits the world. Mark Ruffalo is an eye doctor who wakes up blind one morning. He and his wife (who pretends to be blind) are quarantined at a government detention center. Chaos results when food and supplies are unavailable at the center and a citizen becomes a dictator with weapon.

  6. “Hero Wanted” (2008). Cuba Gooding, Jr. stars as a trash collector who plans a heist to impress his girlfriend where he jumps in to save the day. The plan goes awry and a mysterious killer kills the criminal that left the bank teller and himself for dead during the chaos. Gooding realizes that associates of the dead criminal will be out for revenge.

  7. “mirrors” (2008). Kiefer Sutherland stars as an ex NYPD detective that takes a job as a security guard in the fire-damaged Mayflower department store where several people were killed. He begins to suspect that there is evil lurking behind the mirrors on the wall. The mirrors are able to alter reality and when he looks in the mirror he suffers convulsions, bleeding and asphyxiation. He believes that evil is using the mirrors as a gateway to the real world.

  8. “Impulse” (2008). Willa Ford wants to rekindle her marriage so she creates a role-playing game that involves a total stranger. She believes her husband is going along with the game until she discovers that the stranger she has attracted is dangerous and when she tries to break it off, she may be too late!!

  9. “The Boston Strangler” (2008). This true crime thriller remake stars David Faustino and Andrew Divoff. Police thought they had caught the real Boston Strangler but they were wrong. As women are dying, the police have to hurry to find the real killer before more women are killed.

  10. “Identity Theft” (2008).  In this thriller, a valet steals the ID from a dying man and gets everything he has ever wanted in life. He eventually discovers the man is still alive and now he is out for revenge.