Thailand has always been a gold mine of great cinema, so the 10 best Thai movies with English subtitles will help western audiences appreciate them as well. Most Thai movies remain under the radar to the rest of the world, but these on the list will truly be a memorable experience.

  1. ''Santi Weena'' The first Thai film to ever be submitted into the Asia Pacific Film Festival and win a prize. It was awarded for best cinematography. A clever drama film, often considered to be one of the best Thai films in history. Now considered to be a lost film, whose only existing copies are incomplete.

  2. ''Ong Bak'' An action film starring Tony Jaa as a young villager trying to recover a stolen Buddha head. This film exploded with popularity in the west and made Tony Jaa a great Thai celebrity throughout the world.

  3. ''A Man Called Tone'' A highly sophisticated film that isn't just about action. It has amazing acting and deeply interesting characters, this film showed the world that Thailand was capable of producing top-notch films.

  4. ''Ong Bak 2'' A sequel to the first film in name only, Tony Jaa stars as perhaps the same character in a different time. ''Ong Bak 2'' shows what Tony Jaa knows about directing and how he could work with a bigger budget.

  5. ''Ong Bak 2'' A direct sequel to the first film, picking up right on the cliffhanger where the second left off. This movie continues the story of Tien's struggle for vengeance and has a romantic twist to it as well.

  6. ''The Protector'' A high adrenaline, high octane Thai movie also starring Tony Jaa. This film plays on the emotional parts of the character more than the ''Ong Bak'' series. There is more gut-wrenching action to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

  7. ''Monrak Looktung'' A film released in the same year as ''A Man Called Tone''. This film expressed the pinnacle of modern Thai culture at its time. Extremely popular and running for almost six months, this film is definitely worth a watch for any Thai movie buff.

  8. ''Tropical Malady'' The first Thai film to win the highly coveted Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. There are two stories in the film, and was badly received at first. But Quentin Tarantino's high opinion of it changed everyone else's.

  9. ''Kao Cheu Karn'' This film was made to inform people of Thailand's problems, such as poverty and corruption. The impact that this film had on Thai society was immeasurable.

  10. ''Blissfully Yours'' A romance love-triangle film about a cheating woman who is caught between two men. Considered to be a raunchy film at the time, some pieces of it has been cut for the graphic scenes.