We all have our favorite TV shows, but how do they compare to the compiled list of the 10 best television shows 2009? The television show genres offered are drama, comedy, suspense and romance.

  1. “24,” Fox "24" is an action packed drama one television shows. As a member of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, each week Agent Jack Bauer saves us from threats such as a bombs blowing up, lethal viruses and assassination attempts. Jack always manages to live through the hour. "24" ran for nine year, from 2001 to 2010, and it will be missed.

  2. “Lost,” ABC "Lost" was a drama and sci-fi of sorts. "Lost," week after week, held its viewers hostage. Jack Shepard, his sometimes posse and the story line never stopped, and each week a new character or event occurred. In the end, the "Lost" writers managed to tie all the pieces together to bring the show to a graceful and peaceful end. The "Lost" series ran for six years from 2004 to 2010.

  3. “Brothers  & Sisters” ABC "Brothers and Sisters" is a glimpse into the everyday life dramas of Nora Roberts, Kitty, Sarah, Tommy, Kitty, Kevin and Justin. As each story line delves into each of the character's private life, a problem always develops and before the end of the episode, the problem is solved. This is one of the best television shows.  

  4. “Southland” TNT "Southland" depicts a real true-life approach; that is why it is one of the best television shows. Every episode is an exciting high action, crim fighting drama. All the characters, for the most part, are likeable and mesh nicely to tell a meaningful story. "Southland" originally broadcasted on NBC for one season then was canceled. Now, TNT airs the TV show.

  5. “Rescue Me” FX "Rescue Me" is an outstanding comedic drama that focuses on the firefighter of Ladder 62 in New York and their trials and tribulation after 9/11. Tommy Gavin, a veteran firefighter, seems to suffer the most. Tommy always manager to mess up, but oddly enough, he usually find his way back to solid ground. 

  6. “The Closer” TNT "The Closer," starring Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson, is up to the challenge each episode. The Homicide Division officers that she commands respect her keen ability to catch the bad guy. Each of the show's characters contribute to the plot of this romantic drama.

  7. “Burn Notice” USA "Burn Notice" is a high energy television show filmed in Miami, Florida. Each week, Michael Weston, a spy who is currently in a “burned” status in Miami, helps those who are in dire crisis. Fiona and Sam, two former trusted informants, lend a helping hand by planning a scheme to accomplish the impossible. "Burn Notice" is a very entertaining and action packed drama and is one of the best television shows.   

  8. “Fringe” Fox "Fringe" is sci-fi drama that headquarters in Boston, where a female FBI agent Olivia Dunham and a scientist, Walter and his son Peter, investigate the unusual. The story line has unfolded to include a global company, Massive Dynamics, and the idea of another universe, which means that each character plays a dual role and does an outstanding job.  

  9. “CSI Miami”CBS Each week, Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, leads a team of investigators to solve crimes in Miami-Dade, Florida. The crime scene investigators collect evidence at the scene of the crime and use high-tech to seek out the truth. This drama is one the best TV shows on each week; if you like this show, there are two other shows very similar: "CSI New York" and "CSI Las Vegas." 

  10. “Greys Anatomy” ABC "Greys Anatomy" is one of the best TV dramas about medical professionals in Seattle, Washington at Seattle Grace Hospital. This TV show has been on since 2005, and the story line has unfolded to where Meredith Grey and Dr. (McDreamy) Derek Shepherd are married. Each week a new disease requires the doctors of Seattle Grey to fight for a cure.