Are you searching for the 10 best teenage movies? This article will provide you with the best teenage movies to remind you of those days when high school was the main stress in your life. Teenage movies are great for everyone simply because teenagers relate to them and adults can go back in time. High school life is always amusing, no matter your age.

  1. "Superbad" This movie is one of the best teenage movies around. "Superbad" depicts three teenage boys that want to experience losing their virginity at the hottest party in town. In order to seem cooler, they offer to bring booze to the party. On the way to the party they find out what real life is really about. One guy gets to join the police, while the other two scramble to find more booze.

  2. "The breakfast Club" This movie from the '80s is about teenage life, high school and love triangles. It's got all the favorite teen stars of the '80' and awesome '80s music to make you feel like you've bee taken back in time.

  3. "Can't Hardly Wait" This is another teen classic that was made in the late '90s and still hasn't lost any fans, only gaining them. A group of friends go to the end of the year party for graduation. Along the way, many people find out who their true friends are. It's one of those timeless teen movies you can watch over and over again.

  4. "American Pie" This is truly a classic teenage movie at its best. Three friends make a pact to loose their virginity before the year's end. Along the way, they make new friends, find out about real life and real love. It's a hilarious movie with great music and great times!

  5. "Dazed and Confused" This teenage movie is probably the most popular for all ages. Booze, drugs, sex and rock and roll make this movie the perfect setting for a teen movie night. A group of friends are heading to a graduation party. Even though some of the teens aren't even old enough to graduate, they still try to get into the party for the booze and the drugs.

  6. "Clueless" If you love the '90s, you will surely love this teen movie. "Clueless" is about a true airhead valley girl in need of a serious life makeover. When a new girl comes into town who isn't so popular, it makes Cher think twice about her life. Many popular urban catchphrases were made in this teen movie.

  7. "10 Things I Hate About You" If you need a good teenage love story, this movie is certainly a twist on the traditional teen love triangle. A handsome fellow arrives in town only to make heart break. He chooses to love a girl who seriously hates him and he will do anything he can to make her love him back.

  8. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" This movie is another powerful teenage movie that stuck around in the hearts of millions of viewers. Even though this is an '80s movie, it's still one of the most popular teen movies ever. Ferris decides to play sick, ditch school and have a fun day. It takes much skill to pull off his ultimate day of fun.

  9. "She's All That" If you need high school drama and a love triangle, look no further. This teenage movie depicts a very unpopular girl, a bet with two guys and a bitchy girlfriend. Two guys make a bet to turn the school's loner into the prom queen. It gets intense once the popular jock starts to really fall for her.

  10. "Better Off Dead" This is a very dark comedy about teenage life and it's one of John Cusack's best films. When the protagonist doesn't make the ski team and his girlfriend leaves him for another guy, he is seriously depressed and darkly humorous.