It doesn’t need to be summer to enjoy the 10 best summer movies. With escapism being the rule of the day during the summer season, people are more likely to see films about action, adventure and large things exploding during the summer months. And after a winter trapped in the house, action is just what the doctor ordered. Here are 10 great summer movies to check out anytime of the year.

  1. "Star Wars." Now known as “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope,” this is the film that, for many guys, started their sci-fi obsession. Still considered one of the best science fiction/fantasy films ever made, it almost didn’t see the light of day because the studio didn’t think it would be very successful. Once the movie was released in the summer of 1977, it was the film that saved the studio from bankruptcy.

  2. "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Following up on the success of “Star Wars” George Lucas teamed up with megastar director Steven Spielberg to create a tribute to the adventure serials that played in theaters in the 1940’s.

  3. "Iron Man." This spectacular summer movie, surprisingly, took 17 years to get from the drawing board to the silver screen. But it was worth the wait see fan-favorite Robert Downey Jr, make the role his own and give Tony Stark his own quirks and mannerisms, making him far more than a Bruce Wayne knockoff.

  4. "Spider-Man." Like “Iron Man”, this film that took years to get made because of legal wrangling. Originally planned to be a summer movie directed by James Cameron, it was passed onto comics fan Sam Raimi. Almost all of Cameron’s ideas for the movie were thrown out, except for one-the idea of organic web shooters for Spider-Man as opposed to mechanical ones, like the comics.

  5. "The Sixth Sense." One of only four horror films ever nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, this movie (and its twist ending) also contains one of the most quoted lines in movie history, “I see dead people”. It also made a household name out of director M. Night Shyamalan, who became known for twist ending to his films.

  6. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl." Johnny Depp took the character of Captain Jack Sparrow and made it his own. While originally planned as a one-shot summer movie based on the theme park ride of the same name, the film was so successful that it spawned two sequels and forced Disneyland to incorporate the plot into the ride.

  7. "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" While the original didn’t do very well at the box office, word of mouth made the original film into a cult classic and launched the career of Arnold Schwarzenegger. So when James Cameron came around to the idea of doing a sequel, he went all out creating one of the most expensive and technically impressive summer movies in Hollywood history.

  8. "Men in Black." Like many of the best summer movies, this one if based on a comic book series about a group of special agents whose job it is to serve as a kind of intergalactic immigration squad. While much lighter and funnier than its comic book counterpart, it’s always a favorite among Will Smith fans.

  9. "Back to the Future." The first of the time-traveling adventures of Doc Brown, Marty McFly and the world-famous Deloreon all started in the summer of 1985 and wound up being the biggest hit of the year. No one was more happy than the star, Michael J Fox, who had been working 19 hours days for four months as he played Alex Keaton on the TV show “Family Ties” during the day and worked on the movie during the evening.

  10. "Die Hard." The summer movie that turned TV star Bruce Willis into an action star of the silver screen. “Die Hard” threw many conventions of action movies out the window by casting a balding, relative untested, non-muscle-bound  TV star in the lead, having him play a flawed "everyman" who rises to the occasion rather than a virtual superhero and making the movies villains somewhat humorous.