The ten best summer camp movies revive memories of what it was like to be young. So here they are, the ten best summer camp movies, along a cinematic walk down memory lane.

  1.  “Parent Trap.” In this Disney movie two identical twins meet for the first time at summer camp, both played by Haley Mills. The twins are forced to room together as punishment for a camp prank gone awry, but when the two begin to talk, and realize they are sisters each living with one of their divorced parents, the plot thickens. 

  2. “Meatballs.” In this movie, Tripper Harrison (Bill Murray) is the lead camp counselor at Camp Northstar. Tripper takes a particular interest in Rudy, an introverted kid, and seeks to draw him out of his shell, and tries to exhort his charges to do their best at the annual Camp Olympics, where Camp Northstar is a perennial loser.

  3. “Indian Summer.” Eight former Camp Tamakwa attendees return for the retirement celebrations of Lou Handler (Alan Arkin), Tamakwa camp director. Once they are back on the hallowed grounds old memories, and emotions come flooding back. 

  4. “Little Darlings.” In this movie two teenage girls at summer camp make a bet on which will lose their virginity first.

  5. “Camp Nowhere.” How would a summer camp look if kids ran it? The answer is “Camp Nowhere.” With the prospect looming of going to another boring summer camp, four friends decide to run their own, and enlist the help of drama teacher, Dennis Van Welker (Christopher Lloyd).   

  6. “Camp Cucamonga.” Marvin Shector’s (John Ratzenberger) dream of owning a summer camp is finally realized. but when the staff starts to arrive there is a case of mistaken identity. That's when things get interesting.

  7. “Camp Rock.” Mitchie Torres’ mother, Connie Torres has taken on a job as kitchen cook at Camp Rock to get break on tuition that allows her daughter to attend the prestigious summer camp. In a move to score points with the “It Girls,” at camp, Mitchie tells a lie that her mother is a big music executive.

  8. “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown.” This summer camp movie features much beloved "Peaniuts" comic strip characters of Charles M. Schulz. This time the gang is off to summer camp to take part in the raft race on the Rogue River.   

  9. “Heavyweights.” In this summer camp movie all kids attending Camp Hope are overweight. At Camp Hope the kids are not ostracized because they are all overweight. Then, the owner files for bankruptcy, and is forced to sell Camp Hope, which is bought by a fitness guru determined to make all camp attendees into body builders. The kids rebel, and the battle of wits begins.    

  10. “Poison Ivy.” This summer camp movie features Michael J. Fox (Dennis Baxter), and Nancy McKeon (Rhonda Malone). Fox and McKeon are two youthful counselors at Camp Pinewood, who in the midst of trying to start a romantic relationship have to deal with kids undergoing the usual problems associated with maturing adolescents.    

And there you have them, the ten best summer camp movies, a vivid portrayal of young love, and budding independence.